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For this "Frugal Friday" I have a question for you????

Is it more cost effective to use an dishwasher or to hand wash and dry your dishes?
Do you know? Do you have an opinion? I'd love to know what you think :-)

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I have an energy saver dishwasher that is new, so i'd have to say dishwasher. I do not use the heat dry though. I have lots of helping hands for drying dishes.
Good question though! I'd like to see what others have to say.

Over the summer, I think it's better to hand wash the dishes. I'm actually giving up use of the dishwasher for the summer. The reason, isn't so much the electricity used, it's the cost of running the hot water heater in order to have hot water for the dishwasher. According to our local electric company, the hot water heater accounts for 12% of the electric bill in the summer (I don't know about winter months). 12% is just too much when it's already hot enough outside.

However, I don't fill the sink up with water. I hate washing dishes that are soaking in what is essentially dirty water. I get everything wet, get my sponge soaked and soapy. Wash everything and then rinse everything and then leave them to dry.

And since my daughter is now 4 yrs old, I enlist her to help. It's time she learned! :)

The way we wash dishes and the number of dishes we use means that a dishwasher uses a TON less water than we would other wise plus it means the dishes actually get done and we have less bugs and mice etc. :) Http:// has some great articles on the dishwasher vs handwash debate with actual water usage info. We often use homemade dish detergent and keep the dishwasher to regular settings--no extra hot or drying settings.

Our dishwasher died and I hand washed our dishes for almost a year. Our electricity went up, but this was also around the time I became a SAHM, so I thought it might be that I was home more, too. Then we got a new dishwasher two months ago. Our bill was $40 less the first month and $30 less last month. So I'm going with the dishwasher! (I did change out a bulb to one of the money-saving ones, but I kind of doubt it made that much of a difference.)I think it saves, too, because I'm not so frustrated about having to spend all day washing dishes and I'm less likely to "reward" myself with a fast food meal,etc.

I don't know about cost effective. But having lived without a dishwasher for eleven years. Having four kids. Now, finally having a dishwasher. I am using it. I just hope someone can prove it is cost effective. That would be the icing on the cake. Maybe if you fill it really full before you turn it on? ;)

Well I do not have a Working Dish Washer at this time So I have to say that Washing Dishes by Hand saves our Family Time and Money.
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Mrs Garcia,
You are right...I was thinking Mennonite not Amish. "Duh" seems to be my name :-P
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I love my dishwasher.. and with two little ones at home.. no one is going to take that luxury from me lol

Hi, Julie! :)

I just wanted to say thanks for the comment you left on my blog! I'm glad you enjoyed the bread sticks recipe. :)

I think the water usage for washing dishes by hand vs. with a machine depends on how they're done! I have seen people who use a lot of water when hand-washing dishes... personally, I use very little, so I think I save water, but I don't have a dishwasher anyway, so it's not like I have a choice about which to use! ;)

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