My Garland is Showing...  

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The Nester has encouraged us to make the most of what we have and spruce up our garland. Now mine is not nearly as plush and lush as hers but it looks MUCH better than it did.

This first picture is with the flash. In the center of the mantel is my nativity. On each side are angels. Each child has their own angel and they take turns putting them on the top of the tree. The two angels here belong to my daughters. Jessica's is on the left and Kimberly's is on the right.

Here it is without the flash. So warm and cozy. I added red, white and green balls that used to be on my grandmother's tree. I've always wanted to use them someway and I think this worked out pretty well. I've also added ribbon and strings of sparkly stars to add some glitz. It doesn't all show up in the pictures, but I'm very happy with my improved garland.

Want to see some absolutely gorgeous garlands? Click on the "Your Garland is Showing" button at the top of the page and be prepared to be WOWED!!

Be sure to come back Monday December 15. Boo Mama is hosting a Tour of Homes and I'll be participating. That's when you'll get to see all of my decorations in all their glory.

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Thanks for joining in on the fun--you did great--see you Monday!

Your garland is so pretty! I love the idea of having the different angels for the kids and alternating them!

Oh, I love it with the lights off. Nothing like it! Great job.

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