Remember this sick little boy?  

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Well, it turns out that he has pneumonia.

All he did on Friday was sleep.

We went to the doctor and got an antibiotic so he will be on the mend fairly soon.

All I accomplished house-wise was making the beds, swipin’ the kids bathroom and getting the kitchen almost clean.

What else did I accomplish?

I was a lovin’, cuddlin’, huggin’ Mama to that sweet, precious little boy. Now that is something to be proud of…taking care of the precious gift that God gave me!

On to the plans for Saturday….

The little guy is starting to feel a touch better so if all goes well I’ll be giving the house a “small” blessing. The floors need to be vacuumed and the kitchen needs to be moped. There are bits and pieces of “stuff” scattered here, there and yonder that need to find their home.

My goal is to have a the house tidy and a bit cleaner so that Sunday I can have a Day of Rest without falling behind for Monday.

I’d also like to have a menu plan in the works for next week. I might visit Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday for some new ideas.

We’ll see what does and doesn’t get done.

If the little guys wants to sit on the couch and cuddle all day watching Blue’s Clues, well then, that’s what we’re gonna do ;-)

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