"Spring Sing" at The Peace Center 2009  

Posted by: Julie

"Spring Sing, an annual performance of elementary and middle school students, is sponsored by the Pleasantburg Rotary Club and showcases the incredible depth of musical talent found among Greenville County Schools’ choirs.

The performance has helped students learn the importance of setting goals, dividing large challenges into small parts and conquering them one at a time, and the joy of working together and blending talents."

Andrew was one of 5 children from our elementary school selected to perform at "Spring Sing" this year.

Can you see him? He is the boy on the front row right behind the piano.

They performed 5 songs:

"A Jubilant Gloria" - Mary Lynn Lightfoot
"Bist du bei mir" - J.S. Bach
"Circle Round the Moon" - Mark Hierholzer
"When I am Silent" - Joan C. Varner
"Mary Had a Little Blue" - Charles A. Collins

It was really neat to see him up there with all the other children. I am a very proud mama!
After the show he was telling me that lots of the children were nervous. I asked him if he was nervous.

"No. It was no big deal," he said :-)

Gotta love that confidence!(This was taken as we were leaving to go to the performance at the Peace Center)

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Congrats to him for getting picked to go, what an honor! My oldest daughter did that when she was in elementary school in Gvl Co - Anderson doesn't do that. It was a great time for us and I know it was for y'all, too!

That is awesome that he got to do that. Way to go, Andrew!

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