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Posted by: Julie

I'm still tinkering in my kitchen.

I'm REALLY trying for that "warm, cozy" feeling.

I have a rather large kitchen with LOTS of white cabinets
and tons of counter space.

Sounds nice until you realize that most of
the counter space is wasted.

(Okay, so maybe "wasted" is the wrong term. How about, the way my kitchen is designed, the counter space is not able to be used to it's potential?)

Here, take a look:

From "A" to "B" it's 41 inches

Then you have the sink.

From "C" to "D" it's 15 inches

Next comes the stove.

From "E" to "F" it's 28 inches.

That is my actual "work" space in the kitchen.
Chopped up, tiny bits of counter space.

Now look here:


The counter from "A" to "B" is 76 inches long and
it is lower than the rest of the counter space.

From "C" to "D" the counter moves back up
to regular counter height and it is 84 inches long.

With this space being behind my table and being so far away from the sink, stove and fridge it just turns into a space to catch junk.

My goal is to make it warm and inviting without being cluttered.

Do you know how difficult it is to make
all that WHITE "warm and inviting"?

I'd LOVE to paint those cabinets but it just ain't gonna happen lol!

Anyway, it's coming together s~l~o~w~l~y.

Here is my latest addition:

I just purchased that tray at Goodwill earlier this week for $2.
I was going to paint it, but I rather like the brown color it is.

The tea cup and saucer is my every day china
I got when I got married.

The cross-stitch picture was made for me
by a dear friend several years ago.

I found the pitcher and the "Laugh" vase at TJ Max on Wednesday.

That little black lamp with the cranberry shade
adds some really nice, soft light.

Isn't it pretty with the dolled-up tray on the counter?

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I don't think you can ever have too much counter least I can't. I do find clutter building up though...drives me insane!

I hate counter clutter, too. Drives me bonkers. I love your kitchen and I have have the same dining table set. :)

You are blessed to have such a large, spacious kitchen! I'm not sure you can have too much counter space! About the white cabinets, you might consider stenciling them? My sister has an old house and she did that in her kitchen, and it was very attractive. Also, some green plants make a big difference in softening up that white and making things seem more warm and inviting. You seem to have a great knack for finding little items here and there and creatively using them in your home.

Maybe "wasted" is the wrong word. The way the kitchen is designed, lots of my counter space is not able to be used to it's potential. :)

busymomof10: after you mentioned adding some green plants, I looked around and found a few places that I think would look great with a little living greenery. That may be the finishing touch I need. Thanks for the idea ~smile~

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