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All of this for...

I headed out to Bi-Lo today to pick up a few BOGO specials and ended up with all of this instead. Here's the low down on what I got:

They had ground chicken marked down from $3.29 per lb to $1.29 per lb. I bought 8 of these 1 lb packages.

They had a 1 lb package of ground turkey marked down from $2.50 to $1.00 so I snaped that up :-)

Then I found a nearly 4 lb pork butt marked down from $7.90 to $5.90.

Next came 2 packages of eye of round steaks. They were marked down from $4.99 to $3.38 each.

The Hormel bacon was BOGO. They were $5.49 each and BOGO put them at $2.95. I had $0.50 / 1 coupons that Bi-Lo doubled so my final cost of the bacon was $1.95 per 16oz package. I bought 4 of these.

The Tilapia was BOGO making them $4.00 each and I got 2 of these.

The Lay's chips were also BOGO making them $1.74 each and I got 2 of these.

Here's the most interesting purchase I made. The Sue Bee Honey was regularly $3.49 each. They were on sale BOGO making them $1.75 each. I had $1.00 / 1 coupons bringing my cost to $0.75 each. Well, that's pretty good, but wait.....

there were $1.00 peelies on the honey and the cashier used those as well!!

I told her it wouldn't work but she said she wanted to try it. The register beeped at her but she hand keyed them in. She said "I don't mind. I like being nice to my customers."

So the honey went from the regular price of $3.49 to +$0.25 in my favor! I bought 4 of them ;-)

My total before store savings and coupons: $103.19

My total out of pocket: $38.41

My total savings: $64.78

I feel so blessed! God really had a hand in this. I have been putting off my grocery trip knowing I was going to spend quite a bit this week. I knew this was the last day of the specials for this week and I needed to go get those items on my list. Well, most of that list went out the window and my menu has now changed for the week, but that's super fine with me.

God blessed us and I thank Him and praise Him for it!

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