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I went to several store this week . I went to Food Lion twice, my local butcher, Harris Teeter and CVS. I'll start with trip #1 to Food Lion:

They had several chicken items on sale and I thought I'd pick some up for the freezer. I bought:
2 pkgs. of chicken thighs for $0.71 per lb (these were supposed to be $0.68 per lb but I didn't find the mistake until I was home and it was only a $0.30 difference)

1 pkg of chicken leg quarters for $3.24

3 pkgs of hot dogs $0.88 each

Food Lion Wipes $1.49 - $1.50 coupon = FREE

My Total OOP was $13.00 with a $10.43 savings

LOCAL BUTCHERMy local butcher has been running a special and I decided to give it a try. I bought the Family Bundle and this is what I got:

(1) 5 lb package of chicken leg quarters
(1) 1 lb package of stew meat
(1) 2 lb package of ground beef
(1) 1 lb package of cubed steak
(1) 1.5 lb package of pork chops
(1) 1 lb breakfast sausage
(1) 12 oz package market bacon

This was $19.95

What do you think? Was this a good deal? Would it be worth doing again? I still haven't decided.

I made another trip to Food Lion this week and picked up a few more items. I can't find my receipt but I'll try to give a good account.

I got the bananas (don't remember the exact cost), apples ($0.99 per lb), lettuce ($0.99), donuts ($2.99) and FL wipes ($1.49)

I had two FL coupons to use. (1) for $1.50 off FL wipes and (1) for up to $4.99 any bakery item.
The cashier scanned in both and had to do an over ride because the prices didn't match exactly. She took off $1.50 for the wipes making them FREE and she took off the entire $4.99 off the donuts. That was an overage of $2.00! I am sure this was a fluke, but I'm not gonna complain about the savings!

Total OOP: $2.50!

This is my Harris Teeter trip. They were running a Buy 2 Get 3 Free special on many items. This is what I got.
The trash bags - I bought 2 got 3 free - oop $9.98
The Del Monte Fruit - I bought 2 got 3 - oop $3.00
The strawberries were 4 / $5.00

Total OOP: $17.98
Total Savings: $34.43

My mom bought some items along with mine. She bought Pepsi's, HT coffee, and spring water. All together we spent $64.75 and saved $100.31

I picked up these items from CVS. I'm going to use them as end of the year teacher gifts for my kids teachers. Each gift (including bag) cost me $1.56 each. Here's what I did: CVS is having a special where if you buy 3 items of the Essence of Beauty line you get $5 in ECB's. My store had several of the body wash, hand wash, hand cream and lotion on sale 50% off. I made 2 transactions.
Transaction #1:
(2) Essence of Beauty Hand Soap = $2.50 each
(2) Essence of Beauty Hand Cream = $2.50 each
(2) Essence of Beauty gift bag w/ tissue = $1.49 each
Total: $12.98
Paid with $10 ECB's from the baby deal last week
Total OOP $3.12 (includes sales tax)
Got back $10 in ECB's
Transaction #2

(2) Essence of Beauty Hand Soap = $2.50 each
(2) Essence of Beauty Hand Cream = $2.50 each
(2) Essence of Beauty gift bag w/ tissue = $1.49 each
Total : $12.98
Paid with the $10 ECB's from Transaction #1
Total OOP $3.12 (includes sales tax)
Got back $10 in ECB's
Not too bad, huh? $1.56 each for teacher gifts.
Frugal gift giving, PRICELESS!!

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Thanks for this awesome idea. I never thought about it.
I also read somewhere that someone was doing a spa bag for Mother's day too!

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