Sweet Deal at Walgreens!  

Posted by: Julie

Well, I came across a good deal at Walgreens today. I went in to get the Jumbo packs of diapers that were on sale for $5.99 (Reg $7.99). I had my $5 / 2 WAGS coupon from the EasySaver book so I was good to go.

When I went in, they had a $5.99 tag in front of the Mega packs. The tag said it was for the 40 count jumbo pack. Well, the ones I picked up had 40 diapers in it, but said Mega pack.

I went to the cashier and she rang up the first package and it rang up $10.99. I asked her about the tag saying $5.99 for 40 diapers. She nicely called the manager and we walked back to the diaper aisle. I showed him the tag and he said that they had placed the tag in the wrong place but it was their mistake and they would honor the $5.99 price.

I then asked him about the $5 / 2 coupon since I was getting the Mega pack instead of the Jumbo pack. He said it would work no problem. Well, when the cashier tried to use the Q it wouldn't work. Instead she voided out one of my diapers and re-rang it at $0.99 which saved me the $5 the Q would have.

I wasn't able to get the $5 register rewards because of buying a mega pack instead of a jumbo pack, but I still got...

$34.97 worth of diapers for $13.75!

I'll take that deal and be very happy about it! I do plan on going back to WAGS to get the Jumbo packs since you can use the $5 / 2 Q and get the $5 register rewards. It's a good week for diapers!

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That is a lot of diapers, great job!

Thanks so much for linking to me! :-) I appreciate it.

What a great deal!

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