Tackle it Tuesday  

Posted by: Julie

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Sorry I don't have pictures :-( I didn't start out to tackle anything, but it sort of ended up that way LOL!

I need to go to the grocery store and I thought I would see what I had on hand so I would know what I needed to buy. I began with the big freezer. I took stuff out, wrote down what I had and put it back all nice and neat.

Then I moved on to the small freezer above the fridge. Same thing...took stuff out, wrote down what I've got and put it back neatly.

Well, now I needed to know what was in my pantry. Shelf by shelf I organized and wrote down what I've got.

Want to know what I found? I found that I really don't need much at the grocery store :-)! A few lunch items and breakfast items, maybe some fruit and I'll pick up some of the bargains that are to be had.

Know what ELSE I found? T-R-A-S-H! Boxes of empty stuff and stale stuff....UGH!

Now I'm off to hang 3 loads of towels out to dry and throw some more laundry in the wash. I guess then it will be time for lunch, baby's nap and hopefully when it's quite (like it's EVER quite at my house) I'll plan some dinners from the surplus in the kitchen and make a grocery list of the things I really do need. Maybe my beloved will be home at a reasonable hour and I'll scoot out to the store without the kids in tow.

Now THAT sounds like a plan!

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Now that's a BUSY day! Lots of tackling to do.

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Wonderful tackle & now you've saved money too! I haven't done major grocery shopping since before our kitchen remodel cuz I "found" so much food when we packed it up! LOL

You sound so organized! Have a great Tuesday.

What a great project...especially because it ended with you saving money at the store! :)

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