Something old, Something new  

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Something old...
(don't I wish my boys room looked like this!)

I'm de-cluttering the boys room again.
It amazes me how one small room can get so very cluttered.
It's not like we buy stuff for them very often.
I clean out old toys, trash, old clothes and yet
in a few short weeks it looks like I was never in there!

*Sigh* I guess it's the life of a mother ....
and one I wouldn't change for anything
(well, a maid WOULD be nice)

Something new ...

Yesterday the children had their 6 month
cleaning and check up at the dentist.
It was a great visit. They've done a great job cleaning those beautiful teeth and not a cavity in sight!

However, the time has come for my oldest to get braces.
I'll be calling our orthodontist in just a bit
to get the process started.

There is the consultation visit, then baby teeth will
need to be pulled, then onto the braces.

I'm glad it's summer time. It will give us an opportunity to get this all taken care of and give him a chance to get used to the braces before he starts school in August.

So now I'm off to get the boys room nice and clean :-)

Have a wonderful and productive day!

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Oh how I wish my 3 boys rooms looked like that...I am resting in between shampooing their carpets, thought I would stop by and see what everyone is up to!

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