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It's summer time which means shorts and bathing suits. I know that is when lots of women really think about razors and smooth legs, right? I guess I'm a little different. I shave my legs every day all year long. I like my legs to feel soft and smooth all the time (and so does my dear hubby). That means I'm always on the look out for a great razor. You know, one that give a super close shave but doesn't pull on your skin or leave those yucky razor bumps?

(photo courtesy of www.dreamstime.com)

Well, thanks to BIC and www.bzzagent.com I have found
THE razor to have.

I'm not kidding when I say this is THE BEST razor I've ever used! Now, if ya'll have read my blog for anytime you will know what a bargain shopper I am. Free or nearly free is the way to go, right? Well, let me tell you, this is a razor I will willingly pay FULL PRICE for! Yes, it's that good!

BzzAgent and Bic were kind enough to send me a pack for razors to try and, oh my goodness, they are WONDERFUL!!!

Here is their description of these razors:

What makes BIC® Soleil Bella such a premium disposable razor? Take a look:

Four blades are better
Want a smoother, closer shave with less effort? With BIC Soleil Bella, more blades catch more hairs with each pass, leaving your legs stunningly smooth, sleek and ready for that sundress.

e-z rinse technology
This unique technology allows water to pass through the blades from either side, so rinsing your razor is a cinch. Spending less time shaving? Sounds good to us.

Flex and pivot
No, it's not the latest yoga stance. It's just two more reasons BIC Soleil Bella is your new best friend in the shower. With flexible blades and a pivoting head, this razor gets pretty personal, gliding over your curves and contours, providing a silky smooth shave.

Soothing strip
The Soothing Moisture Strip® enriched with coconut milk found on every BIC Soleil Bella razor provides superior comfort and glide while shaving.

Curvy, comfy grip
Shaving is even easier with the ergonomic, easy-to-hold handle of BIC Soleil Bella. With a comfy rubber grip for extra control, slips and slides are as out of style as acid-washed jeans.


Here is what I think:

Four blades - this razor gave the closest shave I can remember in a LONG time. The blades are incredibly thin and didn't tug on my legs as I pulled the razor.

e-z rinse - a really great feature. The razor didn't clog up as I used it and I was able to use one razor longer since it stayed so clean.

Flex and pivot - I LOVED this! Lots of razors say they have this feature, but I could actually feel it with the Bella razors. The blades would almost form to my leg as I used it. Fantastic!!

Soothing Strip - always a great feature. It helped the razor to glide across my legs with out pulling or tugging and left my legs extra smooth.

Curvy, comfy grip - another nice feature. I've never had trouble with razors sliding or being uncomfortable to use so this feature wasn't a "stand out" for me but the Bella razors are pretty and curvy just like a woman.

Seriously, if you love a great razor give this one a try! And,,,,if you check back with me later in the week, I may (*wink wink*) have a way for you to try Bic Soleil Razors for FREE!

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I can't wait to try this, because I hate shaving b/c of razor burn, bumps, etc-thanks for the tip :)

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