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This week Bi Lo is having a really good sale. LOTS of BOGO's (buy one,get one free) and it was a great time to stock up on some items.

One very important thing about saving money and using coupons is stockpiling. Know your best prices for the items you buy and when a great deal comes along, stock up so the next time you need that item you can reach into your stockpile instead of running out and paying full price for said item. You will notice I bought 10 Eggo waffles. My every day best price is $1.68. I was able to get them for $0.82 per box. My kids love to eat these for breakfast. With 4 kids, 1 box can be gone in 1 day. This is worth stocking up on for us!

(NOTE: Q = coupon
$1/2 = $1.00 off when you buy 2 items
$0.50/3 = $0.50 off when you buy 3 items
x's 2 = Bi Lo will double any coupon that is $0.55 or less)

Here is what I stocked up on today:

4 boxes of pop tarts (reg $2.23) sale $1.12 - $1/2 Q = $0.62 each
8 boxes Coco Pebbles (reg $3.29) sale $1.65 - $1/2 Q = $1.15 each
4 boxes Zip Lock Sandwich Bags (reg $3.19) sale $1.60 - $0.40 Q x's 2 = $0.80 each
6 boxes Kleenex (reg $2.09) sale $1.05 - $0.50/3 Q x's 2 = $0.72 each
4 2000 Flushes (reg $3.78) sale $1.89 - $0.55 Q x's 2 = $0.79 each
4 Shout (reg $2.93) sale $1.47 - $0.50 Q x's 2 = $0.47 each
2 Chips Ahoy cookies (reg $3.89) sale $1.95 (no Q's used)
2 Lance Crackers (reg $2.89) sale $1.45 (no Q's used)
4 Country Crock Butter with Calcium (reg $2.00) sale $1.00 - $50 Q x's 2 = FREE each
4 Country Crock Butter (reg $2.00) sale $1.00 - $0.25 Q x's = $0.50 each
10 Eggo waffles (reg $2.64) sale $1.32 - $1.00/2 Q = $0.82 each
Chicken Breast $0.99 per lb (reg $12.48) sale $4.77
Ground Chuck $1.99 per lb (reg $19.85) sale $11.02
2 small watermelons (reg $7.98) sale $ 3.98
3lb Granny Smith apples (reg $3.99) sale $1.99

I was also able to use a $3.00 store coupon that I received last week for buying Peter Pan Peanut Butter.

Total OOP (out of pocket) $60.48
Total Saved $128.36

It gets better :-) Because I bought 10 Kellogg's items in one transaction, I can submit the receipt and UPC symbols for the Fuel for School Rebate and I'll get a $10 check back in the mail

Oh, but it gets even better. A coupon printed at the end of my order for a Back to School Cash Rewards Card. It says, "Get a $10.00 back to school rewards card for use on your next purchase when you buy any 8 Kellogg's, Eggo, and/or Sunshine products." I don't have to send in a receipt or UPC's to receive this card!!!

Now that was a very successful shopping trip!

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I'm having a hard time with my shopping schedule this summer. With all 4 kids at home all the time, it just doesn't feel worth it to go to several grocery stores picking up deals. I don't how you get it done. I made my Bilo list this past week and pulled the coupons but never got there. The kids go back to school Sept. 1 so maybe I will get more done then. I'm kinda looking forward to getting back on a schedule.

Most of the summer I've skipped the "deals" trips. In fact I went several weeks without even getting a newspaper to get the coupons. I've recently started bargain shopping again since there have been so many back to school deals.

Today I actually made 2 trips to
Bi Lo. We left early and picked up the items that didn't need to stay cold then headed out to the movies. After the movie, we stopped by Bi Lo again to get the cold items. I had my list and my coupons ready to go so each time we weren't in the store more than 20 min.

As the children get older, shopping with them gets much easier :-)

Your trip looks great! My closest BiLo is a long way away!

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