Computer Woes  

Posted by: Julie

My good computer is down :-( Yesterday it just quit working and the monitor said to check the connections to the PC. After I did that, I couldn't even get the PC to power up. UGH! So, even though I wanted to share my experience in canning peaches, how I'm doing with Fly Lady and much more, I gues I'll be a bit side lined for a while.

Quickly while I'm here....Saturday is Family Fun at Fly Lady! She encourages us to spend the day doing something as a family instead of chores all day. My Dearest Hubby is providing Ice for an outdoor event today so our truck will be parked there from 2 - 8 tonight. That means the kids and I get to spend Saturday with Dad! In the summer that is unheard of! We are super excited! I got my house all cleaned yesterday and I'm doing s bit of laundry until time to meet Kenton. Then it's off to Monkey Joe's for some F-U-N!!!!

I'll take pictures and tell you all about it soon.

Hope you have a Super Saturday!!!!