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Posted by: Julie

August 30 my 4 yr old fell on our deck, busted his mouth and damaged his two front teeth.

We saw the dentist the next day and was told he needed to have those teeth pulled. He had damaged the root on one and pulled a tendon on the other. Really no way around it, they needed to come out.

Today was the day! At 9 am we arrived at the dentist office expecting to be there several hours.
We needed to sedate Daniel to make the process easier on him. Usually they drink the "juice" and wait for nearly an hour for it to work. Then the rest of the day they are groggy and sleepy.
However, they are now using a new medicine that works in 10 minutes and wears off quickly. If they are doing something quick like pulling teeth, it is a much better option.

Daniel drank it with no problem and pretty quickly got very relaxed and sleepy. They put a topical on the teeth to get the area numb before they gave him a "bubble" (that is what they call a shot).

He will need a permanent partial because it will be so long before his adult teeth come in. They are estimating him to be 8 - 9 yrs old before those adult teeth make their way in. Anyway, they were able to fit the bands and make an impression all while he was already there and relaxed.

It didn't take long at all and while he did cry and didn't like what was going on, he didn't put up too much of a fuss and he was very brave. He was never in pain and he wasn't scared. One of the best parts of the medicine they gave him is that he really doesn't remember what happened so he won't be afraid to go back to the dentist. By the time we got home he was his happy little self and ready to eat!

Now for the best part....

the Before and After Pictures!

Poor kid!  

Posted by: Julie

My 4 yr old is an accident waiting to happen.

He is wide open all the time and NEVER watches where he runs!

Monday evening he was playing in the yard with my mom and my other children.

They were having a wonderful time playing their own version of "Minute to Win It".

All was well until time to go in. This time, Daniel was simiply walking up the steps and the next thing my mom knew his face was on the deck!
Somehow he tripped and when he fell his mouth is what caught him.

Wanna see the damage?

Bless his heart!

Thankfully he didn't require stitches but his top front tooth was pushed back.

He has an appointment to have both top front teeth pulled next week, but I'm getting a second opinion before we go that route. See my kids keep their baby teeth FOREVER! My oldest two didn't loose their first tooth until the end of 1st grade. Infact, my 7 yr old still hasn't even gotten a loose tooth. If he follows the same trend he could have a gap for 3 years. I'm concerned that his teeth will shift and will cause problems down the road. I'm talking with my kids orthodontist to see what she recommends :-)

I am so very thankful that God was watching over this precious little boy!