One of those weeks  

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I "THINK" we're getting back to our regular schedule around here.
You know that the little boy has been quite sick.
Thankfully he's doing much better.
Wednesday night my older daughter went to the ER with what the doctor called a "wicked" ear infection. She's doing okay, but her ears hurt.
Then Friday we ended up at our doctor with my younger daughter because she also has an ear infection.
Needless to say I've not gotten much done around the house this week.
Today I'm catching up on laundry and picking up the odds and ends that have wandered away from their proper homes. I also plan to vacuum and mop. The house looks SO much cleaner when the floors are clean.
I'm not sure that next week will be back to normal either. My older daughter has a re-check at the doctor Wednesday. Thursday I'll be going to Harris Teeter for triple coupons. Friday my littlest child has a speech evaluation and then some time Friday or Saturday I want to go to Bloom for triple coupons.
I'll just have to keep up those basic morning and evening routines and try to get back to deep cleaning the following week.
Quick reminder....don't forget to get your Sunday papers! With the triple coupon deals going on you'll want to make sure you've got plenty of coupons to use to build up your stockpile ;-)

Slow Fade by Casting Crowns  

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Triples, Triples, Everywhere....  

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Just a quick heads up....
According to Triples are coming:
Harris Teeter - Feb 5,6,7 & 8
Bloom - Feb 6,7, & 8

It's been that kind of week!  

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Do you ever feel like THIS?

Well, that's how I feel this week!

I seem to be falling farther and farther behind.

I was doing so well with the de-cluttering and cleaning until my little one got sick. Now I don't seem to be able to accomplish anything.

Why is that? Why is it SO easy to get derailed?

I know that one problem this week is that my schedule is "off".

I went to the grocery store on Monday instead of Tuesday.
I got a late start and the little boy got very cranky and that makes for a trying trip. I didn't get anything accomplished at home that day.

Tuesday was speech and our instructor was running late. That threw my day behind again. I ended up making a BIG pot of soup and basically goofing around in the kitchen.

Today my daughter had to go to the doctor to see about her foot. After going across town, seeing the doctor, taking her out for breakfast, back across town to school and home I was NOT interested in starting a project at home.

Sometimes all you can do is sit back and laugh and try again the next day.
Here's a "funny" all you moms can relate to:

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I think I need to spend a little time doing this...

and asking God for a productive day tomorrow ;-)

Olive Garden at Home  

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Oh how I love the Soup, Salad and Breadsticks at Olive Garden

My favorite soup is Pasta e Fagioli.
This soup is white and red beans, ground beef, tomatoes and pasta in a savory broth.

You want to know what I don't like? The price....
$4.65 per bowl. YIKES!

I think even when you get the soup, salad and breadsticks deal it's still kind of pricey...
maybe $5.99 or $6.99? Then add in a Sweet Tea and you're up to $7.50 for lunch.

Well, I found the Copy Cat Recipe and gave it a try for lunch today.

Oh My Goodness!

It was dead on perfect! Yumm-O!

Would you like to know the cost?

Really....would you like to know?

I mean, I don't HAVE to tell you if you're not interested.;-)

Okay, if you insist.

Try $0.50 per cup of soup!!!!!!

This recipe makes 9 quarts of soup. That's a lot, but we all know that soup freezes very well.
I added a salad on the side to go with my soup. I don't have the break down on the cost of the salad, but really, we're talking maybe another $0.50 and probably much less.

I made my own Italian salad dressing using THIS recipe ( I added a little extra sugar) using items I all ready had on hand.

And the Sweet Tea? Well, again you're talking pennies per serving.

If I had 1 cup of soup, salad and sweet tea I'm looking at less than $1.50 for lunch.
If I had that same lunch plus bread sticks at the restaurant it would be over $8.00 plus tip.

Frugal? Yep, I'd say so ;-)

Click HERE to visit my Home Page and see what's going on at
The Ice House

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Weekly Home Blessing  

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weekly home blessing

1 Corinthians 14:33

“For God is not a God of disorder but of PEACE”

It's that time again. Where do the weeks go?

You can see my Weekly Home Blessing goals HERE.

Will you be blessing your home?

Leave me a comment and let me know.


My goal is to get it all done, but who knows? My youngest is feeling much better and starting to get into mischief once again. He still requires lots of down time to rest so I don't know from moment to moment if I'll be doing my chores, chasing after "Dennis the Menace" or sitting down for a nice, long cuddle.

I need to make a grocery store trip, too. I try to do that on Tuesday but I'm not sure when I'll get to go this week. Tuesday "D" has speech and we usually go after that, but I don't really want him out and about until he's a bit stronger. My daughter "J" has to go to the doctor on Wednesday and since I'll already be out that day, I may switch my Tuesday Errand Day to a Wednesday Errand Day. The only problem with that is I'm starting to feel the walls closing in on me and I am wanting to get out for a bit. I guess I'll just take it day by day and see what happens.

Menu Plan Monday  

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Last week I had Tilapia on the menu, but due to a sick boy and a LONG day for mom we ended up doing the fish thing at Long John Silvers. So this week the Tilapia returns :-)

Also, this will be the second week that I am trying to eat mostly out of the freezer and pantry.
I few weeks back I bought a huge pack of cubed steak. This will be the 3rd time it's been on the menu because of that purchase. BBQ and ham will be from the freezer, too.

Here we go .... no particular day, no particular order this week:

  • Hamburgers, baked beans, french fries
  • Pankcakes
  • BBQ Sandwiches, chips, salad
  • Fried Cubed Steak, baked potatoes, green beans
  • Ham, baked sweet potatoes, mac n cheese (again,maybe?)
  • Tacos, yellow rice, beans (either pinto or black)
Looking for more inspiring menus? Visit OrgJunkie

Remember this sick little boy?  

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Well, it turns out that he has pneumonia.

All he did on Friday was sleep.

We went to the doctor and got an antibiotic so he will be on the mend fairly soon.

All I accomplished house-wise was making the beds, swipin’ the kids bathroom and getting the kitchen almost clean.

What else did I accomplish?

I was a lovin’, cuddlin’, huggin’ Mama to that sweet, precious little boy. Now that is something to be proud of…taking care of the precious gift that God gave me!

On to the plans for Saturday….

The little guy is starting to feel a touch better so if all goes well I’ll be giving the house a “small” blessing. The floors need to be vacuumed and the kitchen needs to be moped. There are bits and pieces of “stuff” scattered here, there and yonder that need to find their home.

My goal is to have a the house tidy and a bit cleaner so that Sunday I can have a Day of Rest without falling behind for Monday.

I’d also like to have a menu plan in the works for next week. I might visit Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday for some new ideas.

We’ll see what does and doesn’t get done.

If the little guys wants to sit on the couch and cuddle all day watching Blue’s Clues, well then, that’s what we’re gonna do ;-)

Whew! The Closets are Clean.  

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Well, here it is. The “After” picture of the boys closet.

Pretty nifty, huh?


It took a while because not only did I clean out their closet, I also cleaned out 9 drawers in the room.

Also, as you can see HERE my littlest is sill not feeling well.

I’m so proud of my clean closets!!

Let’s review…




Now, the laundry room and the corner of my living room are filled with all the “stuff” that came out of these closets. LOL! I promise it won’t stay there long. Next week we’ll be in the Living Room / Dining Room and that mess will be taken care of.

Eventually I’ll get everything into the laundry room then it will be out the door with all the “stuff”. Where’s it gonna go? Well now, that’s a GREAT question and when I have an answer I’ll let you know.

For now, I’m gonna sit back and enjoy those beautiful closets ;o)

Still a sick little boy  

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How sweet is this?


I guess staying up all night coughing finally caught up with him.


Mission Complete! and another closet to clean  

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Much better, wouldn’t you say? A place for everything and everything in it’s place :-)

(Click HERE for the “Before” picture)

I think I might label each box so the girls can’t say “I can’t pick it up, I don’t know where it goes.” LOL


Here is the final closet that needs to be de-cluttered…The Boys Room!

There is one of those stinky, clutter-makin’ boys, right there! Doesn’t he look proud of the mess he’s made? LOL! But, ya gotta luv him ;-)


What this picture doesn’t show are all the drawers that are full of stuff all around his room. Those will be de-junked,too.

Now, all of this work I have planned depends on this sick little boy HERE. If he is still stuck to me like glue, the above plan might get thrown out the window.

Wish me luck!

Sick Little Fellow  

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My poor little man isn't feeling well.
A little while ago while I was blog visiting,
he climbed up in my lap and fell asleep.
He's got a fever, drippy nose and bad cough.
I sure hope he feels better soon.

My Mission Wednesday Jan.01/21/09  

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My mission….should I choose to accept it….is to join the “Clean Closet Challenge”. Now, this isn’t just ANY closet. No….this is a closet that is shared by 2 little girls who think cleaning up means dumping everything in the closet.

Don’t believe me? Well, take a look for yourself.


I’ve got to tell ya, I’m a little sacred of this mission. I’m very afraid that once I venture in I’ll get lost and never find my way back out.

However, it must be done and I am just the woman to do it. I’m going to be RUTHLESS. Toys MUST go!!!

If you can’t clean it up you don’t need it in your closet to pull out, right?

I’ll be sure to post after pictures so you will know I made it back from the Great Abyss ;-)

No Snow for Us  

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Well, I am happy to report that we didn't get any snow. My dear hubby works for himself and had decided to take the day off if we had snow or not so while the kids ARE at school today, he will be home. I don't know what we'll do today but I doubt I'll be doing much cleaning. I just can't seem to get much done when he's home.

The youngest Monroe isn't feeling well today so I'm guessing it will be a quiet, stay at home and keep warm kind of day.

What about you? Were you one of the one's that got snow?


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So the weather is calling for 1 - 3 inches of snow where I live. Ya'll know that that means the schools will close, right? Did you make a mad dash for bread and milk?

Usually, Tuesday is Errand Day for me. There just wasn't very much I needed at the store this week and with the threat of snow I opted to go Monday night. I had more coupons to get Fruit Loops for $0.43 per box at Bi Lo and Tuesday was the last day of the sale. I made a quick run to Bi Lo to get those and some creamed soups I needed for our dinners this week. I did get a couple of pizzas for lunch tomorrow in case the kids are home and a few snacks (no milk OR bread).

Now, on to cleaning. This week FlyLady is in the master bedroom. I did the master bedroom last week because I just couldn't stand the mess any longer so I'm kind of on my own this week, too.

I waned to work in the children's rooms this week. They have WAY too much STUFF!!! It's time to clean out their closets and pack away things they aren't playing with. However...if they are out of school, that's not gonna happen.

I may spend a little time in my master bathroom. I need to go through the cabinets and straighten out my stock pile of personal products and medicine. I'll just have to see how the day goes. Snow days are kind of slow and I may want to spend it being lazy ;-)

I guess this week will be a "fly by the seat of your pants week".

I'll be back to a regular schedule next week.

Weekly Home Blessing  

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weekly home blessing

1 Corinthians 14:33

“For God is not a God of disorder but of PEACE”

It’s time once again for our Weekly Home Blessing.

My Goals:

1. Make up all beds (daily)

2. Swipe both bathrooms (daily)

3. Clean tubs and mop bathroom floors (weekly)

4. Feather Dust the House (weekly)

5. Vacuum the House (weekly)

6. Empty Dishwasher (daily)

7. Mop Kitchen Floor (weekly)

8. Mop Laundry Room Floor (weekly)

9. Check to see if any laundry needs to be done (daily)

10. General pick up of things out of place (daily)

Will you be blessing your house today?

Menu Plan Monday  

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menu plan monday

January 19 – 24, 2008

Monday ~ Ham, macaroni and cheese, broccoli casserole

Tuesday ~ Baked Cubed Steak, mashed potatoes, green beans

Wednesday ~ Turkey Casserole, peas, bread

Thursday ~ Minnesota Pork Chops, wild rice, lima beans

Friday ~ Easy Baked Tilapia, broccoli & cauliflower

Saturday ~ Baked Chicken, corn on the cob, left over green veggies

Menu Planning Monday @

Update on “The Closet”  

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It’s been a busy week, hasn’t it? Have you accomplished what you set out to do? I think I’ve done a pretty good job. Here’s my latest project.

Let’s revisit my closet. Are you up to it? I know it’s a bit scary but it will be over quickly.


That is one cluttered closet! Now this is how it looks when your closet vomits all over you newly cleaned bedroom… *sigh* it’s such a vicious cycle!


Oh, but after that hard work the reward is SO worth it!


Now it will be easier to put away my clean clothes instead of just laying them down on my desk.

I also cleaned out from under my bed. It wasn’t bad, but I did have the kids blocks stashed under there and they needed to go.

I have a couple of drawers I want to go through on Saturday and then my room will be de-cluttered. Well, except for my husbands closet, but I don’t do his closet. I’d never know what to keep and what to get rid of.*smile*

I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished this week. The next time I’m in the master bedroom I will be cleaning it instead of de-cluttering it. I intend for it to be a haven for my beloved and me. Hopefully by the summer I can do some painting and sprucing up in there.

Now it’s your turn. Brag on yourself and leave me a comment.

Be sure to take some time for fun this weekend!

Super Savings Saturday  

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Hosted by Money Saving Mom

So I did a little shopping this week and found a few bargains and I thought I’d share my savings with you.

Mom and I made a trip by CVS for 90% off Christmas items. All that was left was wrapping paper and some bows.

We bought:

(2) 12 ct mini bows for $0.29 each

(2) 4 roll packs of paper for $0.79 each

(3) package name tags for $.13 each

(1) gift card holder for $0.19

(2) rolls of paper for $0.29 each

(8) rolls of paper for $0.59 each

Total Spent $11. 44**** Total Saved $76.42


Next was a trip to Publix:

(2) Eggos Waffles $1.19 each (reg. $2.39 each)

(2) Syrup $1.89 each (reg. $3.79 each)

(4) Lysol w/ Bleach $0.34 each (reg 2.69) <<They were BOGO making them $1.34 each - $0.50 Q that doubled>>

Total Spent $7.56 ***Total Saved $15.52


Next was Bi-Lo:

(1) Lesuer Peas - $1.49

(3) Doritos $3.99 (these were BOG2 a $7.98 savings!)

(3) Fruit Loops $2.95 BOGO making them $1.47 each - $1.00 coupon = $.47 each

(4) Heartland Pasta $1.50 BOGO making them $0.75 each - $0.55 Q x’s 2 = +$.35 each (they paid me $1.40 to take these home!!!)

(4) Birds Eye Steamfresh Broccoli $1.06 each - $0.35 Q x’s 2 = $0.36 each

(1) bacon $1.74 (reg. $3.49)

Total Spent $8.67 *** Total Saved $31.61


On to Ingles:

(2) Coco Pebbles - $2.00 each (reg $3.26)

(1) LL hot dog buns - $1.11

(1) LL Chips – $1.18

(1) Loaf Bread - $0.98 (reg $1.11)

(2) Lucks Pinto Beans - $0.50 each (reg $0.68 each)

(1) doz. eggs - $1.47

(1) Smoked Ham - $8.27 (reg $19.24)

(1) Hillshire Farms lunch meat $3.98 - $0.55 Q = $3.43

(1) Hot Dogs - $1.64 (reg $3.28)

3 lbs apples - $3.98

Total Spent $27.06***Total Saved $16.17


My Total Spending ~~~$54.73

My Total Savings:~~~$139.72


Friday ~The Closet ~  

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So Wednesday evening I needed to dc-clutter this....

because I wouldn't be home on Thursday to do it.
This is how it turned out...

I went to work with my beloved and didn't get home until 5:00. Boy, you working moms amaze me. How in the world do you get everything done? Bravo to you ;-) Anyway, since my van is in the shop, I took few minutes to run and do the grocery shopping that didn't get done on Tuesday. It's a good thing I waited. I spent right at $43 and saved $67! (I'll have more about that on Saturday) I got back home and fixed supper. I had put a pork butt in the crock pot this morning and all I needed to do was fix some corn on the cob and dice up the pork for BBQ sandwiches. Yum! We did tidy up the house before everyone went to bed, but no major cleaning took place today.

What's the plan for tomorrow? This.....

I pray I can get it done without the rest of the house getting destroyed! The kids are out of school Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and it's gonna be COLD!!! That means they will all be home with me and cooped up inside. Hmmm....maybe I need to find a few activities to keep them occupied???

Please Pray  

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A friend of mine from high school sent me an email today requesting prayer for a family in the Upstate, SC area.

They are the Dacus family. This family had suffered from infertility and was later blessed with 3 children "G" (girl age 9), "H" (girl age 7) and "Z" (boy age 4). This past Friday their dad, Ben, was jogging and had a heart attack and passed away. He was in the street when the ambulance got there. The wife and children were home, heard the ambulance and went outside to see what was going on and found Ben lying in the street.

Thankfully this man was a Christan and we know he is with his Lord and Savior tonight. However, this family is grieving for this lost husband and father. The wife is asking why God would give her the perfect husband and finally give them the children they wanted so badly only to take her husband so soon.

Would you join me in praying for this widow and her family?

Master Bedroom  

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Do you remember this shameful mess from yesterday?.....

And this embarrassed desk?....

Well, take a look at THIS....And THIS....

And one more....Yes, I've been very busy in my bedroom. I got all the Christmas bargains taken to my building and put away in plastic totes. I got all the clothes put away. I cleaned out the desk and only put back what needed to be there. I even polished the desk and cleaned the window.

Oh, there is much more to do but it feels so nice to have this part done.

I won't be home Thursday, so I'll be doing a little bit more in my room Wednesday evening than I had originally planned. The goal is to de-clutter this....

I won't get to the items in the drawers this time. The top two small drawers are FILLED with pictures I need to sort out. This is the type of thing I want to have time to do and once I get things de-cluttered, clean and on a routine, I WILL have time to do it.

Once I clean off that piece of furniture, polish it and wipe down the items that actually belong on the shelves, the room will (for the most part) be de-cluttered.

That will leave the CLOSET! and one drawer in my room that has a few shorts that I need to clean out. I hope to have that taken care of by Friday.

We'll just see how it goes.

How are you doing? Are you de-cluttering anywhere? Deep cleaning? Share how you are doing...I'd love to know.

Master Bedroom  

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This week I'm in my master bedroom.
Isn't that picture pretty?
That's my bed. All nice and neat.
What a neat and tidy bedroom I must have.
Ah...but looks can be deceiving.

I told you that my bedroom is suffering from neglect. I'm about to show you some of it's shame. I won't post all of my "before" pictures at one time for fear you would faint from the shame of it all. Here is my desk area...

It's piled up with clean clothes (MINE) and after-Christmas bargain shopping. While there is no excuse for the clean clothes, I have a very good reason to have Christmas items in my floor. The storage box is in my building WAY outside and we've had TONS of rain recently. Well, the rain is gone and the yard has dried up so it's time to get these items in their home.

Here's another picture for you...
That is the inside of one of the drawers in my desk. Can you hear it crying? It is so embarrassed to be seen this way.

I guess by now you know what I'll be doing today. This is "de-clutter the desk area in my room" day. Will it take ALL DAY? Not really, but this is all I'm "planning". I'm sure I'll do other things like my daily morning routine, a little laundry (I still need to wash the whites) and I'm forever picking up things the kids have put in the wrong place.

I don't HAVE to do the whole bedroom in one day. I have all week. On Thursday I'll do something else. On Friday, something else. De-clutter on Saturday? Maybe...maybe not. On Sunday? Not on your life! Something didn't get de-cluttered? There's always next time. Trust me, unless I'm the one that moves it, the "junk" ain't goin' anywhere! LOL ;-)

Tomorrow I'll have "AFTER" pictures for you. Be sure to come back and dote on my pretty, clean desk. It will make her feel loved.

Oh yes, FlyLady has started a blog and has a great post about de-cluttering. Go check it out HERE.

Errand Day  

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Already Tuesday? WOW!
So Tuesday is my errand day. First I'll get up and wake up the kids. I'll get all the beds made and get everyone fed and off to school. I'll have to quickly wipe down the bathrooms and tidy the kitchen because as soon as my beloved gets home from taking the kids to school, I'll be off to drop my van off to be serviced. My van has NO HEAT! Can you say C-O-L-D????

Anyway, Mom's going to meet me at the repair shop then we are going to take my oldest daughter to the doctor. She has a wart on her foot he has been treating. After that, I'm going to be a bad mom and instead of taking my daughter to school, we're going shoe shopping!!

She is a straight "A" student and has been since 1st grade. She had been trying to get Perfect Attendance this year, but a stomach bug ruined that one for her. We'll get a doctor's note so this absence will be excused. We stress the importance of school and of being there as much as you can, but it can be SO DIFFICULT trying to find shoes with 4 kids in tow. This is a perfect chance to just have the one that needs the shoes to go.

Anyway, we're going to try and find her some shoes and we'll get a bite to eat. I'll have to pick up my other daughter up from school at 2:30 then go back and get my son at 3:45.

Somewhere in there I will need to go to the grocery store and I would LOVE to stop by KMart to see what deals can be had at Super Double Coupons. Can it all be done? We'll see....

My Weekly Blessing went well. I got the beds made, the floor vacuumed, the house feather dusted, the bathrooms wiped down, floors mopped and tubs cleaned, the kitchen tidied up and mopped, the laundry room tidied up and mopped and I'm almost finished with laundry.
It's amazing how the house can get into such disarray over the weekend! It took a good bit of time just getting things back in place. All the more reason to fall into a routine and stick with it!!!

Wednesday I start to de-clutter the Master Bedroom.
I'll have before and after pictures.
Be warned...they are NOT for the faint of heart!!!!

Monday Weekly Home Blessing  

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"For God is not a God of disorder but of PEACE..."

1 Corinthians 14:33

January 12, 2009

We are back to Monday and that means it's time to bless our homes.

I will be:
Making all the beds
Feather dusting the house
Vacuuming the house
Moping the bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen
Swishin' and Swipin' the bathrooms
Cleaning the tubs and showers
A little laundry
A general pick up of items that need to be back in their homes

The rest of the week is Zone 3
For me that is the Master Bedroom and Bathroom
If I get done with my Weekly Blessing quickly, I will spend some time picking up in my bedroom. My POOR bedroom!!! It's so sad looking right now. If I get the nerve I'll post a before and after picture.
It's past time for my room to be back to a sanctuary for me and my beloved instead another dumping ground.

Oh, there is SO much to be done. It might be a deep clean of only my Master Bedroom instead of both bed and bath. My dressers and closets need to be gone through. Oh, and the desk! Don't even get me started on the desk!!!!

Will you be joining me in Blessing your Home Monday?
Let me know! Post it on your blog and leave me a comment.
I can't wait to see what you have accomplished :-)

Super Double Coupons at KMart  

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Kmart is going to double coupons up to $2.00 January 11 -17

I tried to enlarge the ad to see any limits but I couldn't.

Rumor has it that it's a limit of 4 like items and it looks like 25 coupons per day per customer.

You should verify this on your ad.

Super Savings  

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Here are my deals from triple coupons at Bloom:

(4) 3.4 lb Dixie Crystals $2.49 - $0.30 Q x 3 = $1.59 each

(3) Mean Green $2.85 - $0.75 Q x 3 = $0.60 each

(1) Lysol Cleaner $2.50 - $0.50 Q x 3 = $1.00 each

(2) Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls $2.00 - $0.30 Q x 3 = $1.10 each

(2) Betty Crocker Brownies $2.00 - $0.50 Q x 3 = $0.50 each

(4) Success Rice $1.53 - $0.50 Q x 3 = $0.03 each

(16) Chicken Noodle Soup - $0.59 each - $0.40 / 4 Q x 3 = $0.29 each

Total Spent: $16. 45 Total Saved: $34.86


And now for Walgreens:

I did 3 transactions:

  • First:

(2) Reynolds Wrap $0.99 with WAGS Q

(1) Pocket book tissues $29

used (2) $1.00 off 1 Reynolds Wrap

Spent: $0.41 Saved: $3.40

  • Second:

(2) Reynolds Wrap $0.99 with WAGS Q

(1) Electrsol $3.49

Used (2) $1.00 off 1 Reynolds Wrap ; (1) $2.50 off Electrsol

Spent: $1.30 Saved: $8.40 (and I’ll get back $1.50 rebate for the Electrasol)

  • Third:

(1) Electrasol: $3.49

Used (1) $2.50 off Electrasol

Spent: $1.20 Saved: $5.00 (and I’ll get back $1.50 rebate for the Electrasol…will use mom’s address for rebate)

Total Spending: $19.36 Total Saved: $51.66

Rebates Pending: $3.00

CarDay! Purse Day! Date Night!  

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For Friday we have a few fun and important tasks to do.


Take a few minutes to clean out your car.

Get rid of all the junk that has collected there this week... junk mail, drink cups, kids papers...pick it up and get it out.

This is also a good time to vacuum your car.

You might even want to Windex your windows on the inside.

You may even choose to drive through a car wash to get the outside nice and clean, too.

If you do this every Friday it will get clean and stay clean.

Wow! I love being in a clean car. I know when mine is full of junk (like it is right now) it really gets on my nerves and I believe it affects the kids attitude, too.

Let's get those cars de-cluttered, clean and ready for the weekend!!!!


Take 5 minutes to dump your purse and clean it out.

Throw out any paper you don't need.

Toss those used tissues, the candy papers, odds and ends you just stuffed in there.

Now, only put back what you need.

How nice and light a cleaned out purse feels.

And Third....

Date Night!!!

Yep, it's time for some fun!! You and your beloved need some time together ALONE. Plan a date night.

Now, for us, it's not usually a Friday. In fact, we haven't been having a "Date Night" but that's going to change. Our children go to AWANAS every Wednesday night from 6:30 - 8:00.

PREFECT for some time together! We don't even have to get a baby sitter!!!

We may go out for a simple dinner...maybe dessert and coffee...maybe we'll stay at home and talk without interruption (is that even possible??)...maybe we'll stay home and NOT talk *wink wink* The idea is to plan some time to reconnect with each other without the pressures of being a parent.