CarDay! Purse Day! Date Night!  

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For Friday we have a few fun and important tasks to do.


Take a few minutes to clean out your car.

Get rid of all the junk that has collected there this week... junk mail, drink cups, kids papers...pick it up and get it out.

This is also a good time to vacuum your car.

You might even want to Windex your windows on the inside.

You may even choose to drive through a car wash to get the outside nice and clean, too.

If you do this every Friday it will get clean and stay clean.

Wow! I love being in a clean car. I know when mine is full of junk (like it is right now) it really gets on my nerves and I believe it affects the kids attitude, too.

Let's get those cars de-cluttered, clean and ready for the weekend!!!!


Take 5 minutes to dump your purse and clean it out.

Throw out any paper you don't need.

Toss those used tissues, the candy papers, odds and ends you just stuffed in there.

Now, only put back what you need.

How nice and light a cleaned out purse feels.

And Third....

Date Night!!!

Yep, it's time for some fun!! You and your beloved need some time together ALONE. Plan a date night.

Now, for us, it's not usually a Friday. In fact, we haven't been having a "Date Night" but that's going to change. Our children go to AWANAS every Wednesday night from 6:30 - 8:00.

PREFECT for some time together! We don't even have to get a baby sitter!!!

We may go out for a simple dinner...maybe dessert and coffee...maybe we'll stay at home and talk without interruption (is that even possible??)...maybe we'll stay home and NOT talk *wink wink* The idea is to plan some time to reconnect with each other without the pressures of being a parent.

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The three boys have been going to church on Wednesday night and last week the teacher in Mission Friends wanted Maci Clare too. So Jim and I have from 7-8 on Wednesday night. It is not long but long enough and cheap.

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