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Well, we're back in the kitchen. What are my plans for today?
  • Wipe down all the cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Make sure that all the insides of the cabinets are still neat and tidy
  • Pull the stove away from the wall and sweep and mop behind it
  • Bleach the tops of my counters...lots of little stains that need to go away
If I get all of that done, along with my Daily Routines, I might do more. If I do I'll tell you about it in my re-cap of the day. Long ago I had a Control Journal and had a complete list of things I would clean in each room. I need to work on getting another list together. It certainly makes it easier to know what you need to do if you have a list.

A great way to start that list is to begin in the Zone you are in. Let's use the Kitchen for our example. Get a pen and paper. Go into the kitchen and take a good look around. Look from the top of the room to the bottom of the room. What do you want to accomplish in this room? What needs to be gotten rid of? What needs to be cleaned? My kitchen is pretty much de-cluttered so I would just focus on the things I would do each month. It would go something like this...

Zone 2~ The Kitchen ~ Monthly Deep Cleaning List:
1. Dust and Windex ceiling fan.
2. Wipe down top cabinets. Are they tidy inside? Clean? De-cluttered? If not, fix it
3. Windex windows and wipe over the blinds.
4. Clean the tops of the counters. Do they need bleaching? Do they need to be de-cluttered?
5. Wipe down any appliances on the counters
6. Wipe down fronts of drawers. Are they tidy inside? Clean? De-cluttered? If not, fix it.
7. Wipe down fronts of lower cabinets. Are they tidy inside? Clean? De-cluttered? If not, fix it.
8. Clean out fridge. Wash with soap and water.
9. Clean the top of fridge and wash items on top.
10. Are all decorative items clean and dust free?
11. Is the china hutch de-cluttered? Clean? Be sure to dust well.
12. Windex sliding glass door.
13. Sweep and mop floor including behind the fridge and stove.
14. Dust baseboards. Wipe off any spots.
15. What did I forget? LOL

Boy, that's a lot, huh? Here's the thing. I may not actually get to all of this in a weeks time. That's okay. It will be there next month. BUT...once I clean it, it just takes a minute or two to go back over it the next time and it will stay clean. It's easier to clean something that is already clean than to clean something that is dirty.
So how did errand day go? Pretty well except for the weather. Lots of rain, grocery shopping, and a toddler is NOT the best mix in the world. However, I am thankful for the rain and we went on our merry way.

I woke up late, or so I thought, so I began my day by jumping out of bed and rushing the kids (I hate doing that). I kept saying "It's 7:10. We're late. You've got to get up." THEN my son came in the kitchen and said, "Mom. It's 10 till 7 not 7:10." Oops, sorry kids. We got breakfast and read our Proverbs and got dressed. I had to make 2 home lunches and since we got up at 6:50 instead of 6:30 I ran out of time to make the beds right away. Out the door to school with the kiddos. As we get to school, my oldest son says, "Mom! I forgot my backpack!"UGH!!! That means a trip back home then back to school. My day was not off to the best start!

I did stop by Ingles before going back home and was able to pick up some good deals on some meat and potatoes. One stop kids with me. Yea!!!

Back home to put up groceries, make beds, make sure "D" is ready for speech and tidy the house. Okay, things are looking up. I got all of that accomplished.

After speech, we went to Walgreens, Walmart and Bi Lo. I was worried that my money wasn't going to go as far as I had hoped it would. I got in the car, thanking God for the bargains I found at Ingles and asking Him to show me the best way to spend the remaining money. I started to put my cash into my wallet (it had been in my pocket) and I found another $20 + I didn't realize I had. Isn't God good like that?

Back home to put up purchases, have lunch and get "D" down for a nap. Oh, wait, he's asleep? Maybe he got up too early? Is that why he was such a grouch at the store? And he was hungry? Oh yeah...I guess that is why he was begging for a cookie! Well, we'll just tip-toe and put him in the bed. Be quiet...shhhh....what's that? He's crying? He's awake? UGH!!!

Yes, that part wasn't in the plan. Next time I hope to scoot out of the house a little quicker than we did today. I also plan to give him a snack in the car on the way to the store. On the way home I'll make sure to chat with him and keep him awake. I missed his nap time today. I needed one, too!

I didn't really "do" anything else today. I got the kids from school and took the boys to get a hair cut. We had supper, cleaned up and did the regular night time stuff. Now, it's back to the "grind" .

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