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Oh how I love the Soup, Salad and Breadsticks at Olive Garden

My favorite soup is Pasta e Fagioli.
This soup is white and red beans, ground beef, tomatoes and pasta in a savory broth.

You want to know what I don't like? The price....
$4.65 per bowl. YIKES!

I think even when you get the soup, salad and breadsticks deal it's still kind of pricey...
maybe $5.99 or $6.99? Then add in a Sweet Tea and you're up to $7.50 for lunch.

Well, I found the Copy Cat Recipe and gave it a try for lunch today.

Oh My Goodness!

It was dead on perfect! Yumm-O!

Would you like to know the cost?

Really....would you like to know?

I mean, I don't HAVE to tell you if you're not interested.;-)

Okay, if you insist.

Try $0.50 per cup of soup!!!!!!

This recipe makes 9 quarts of soup. That's a lot, but we all know that soup freezes very well.
I added a salad on the side to go with my soup. I don't have the break down on the cost of the salad, but really, we're talking maybe another $0.50 and probably much less.

I made my own Italian salad dressing using THIS recipe ( I added a little extra sugar) using items I all ready had on hand.

And the Sweet Tea? Well, again you're talking pennies per serving.

If I had 1 cup of soup, salad and sweet tea I'm looking at less than $1.50 for lunch.
If I had that same lunch plus bread sticks at the restaurant it would be over $8.00 plus tip.

Frugal? Yep, I'd say so ;-)

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Sounds great!
I love Olive Garden...haven't been in years but now I might just be able to pretend ;-)

this is helpful, thanks

That sounds awesome!
I'm gonna try it!

Now if you can only figure out the recipes to Applebee's & TGIF.

mmmm... Olive Garden sounds good!

Love those copycat recipes!


I've been making a copycat of my favorite Olive Garden soup for several years... Zuppa Tuscana. It is REALLY yummy, and also very frugal.

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