My Mission Wednesday Jan.01/21/09  

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My mission….should I choose to accept it….is to join the “Clean Closet Challenge”. Now, this isn’t just ANY closet. No….this is a closet that is shared by 2 little girls who think cleaning up means dumping everything in the closet.

Don’t believe me? Well, take a look for yourself.


I’ve got to tell ya, I’m a little sacred of this mission. I’m very afraid that once I venture in I’ll get lost and never find my way back out.

However, it must be done and I am just the woman to do it. I’m going to be RUTHLESS. Toys MUST go!!!

If you can’t clean it up you don’t need it in your closet to pull out, right?

I’ll be sure to post after pictures so you will know I made it back from the Great Abyss ;-)

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gotta love how kids clean up :) drives me insane!!!

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