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This week I'm in my master bedroom.
Isn't that picture pretty?
That's my bed. All nice and neat.
What a neat and tidy bedroom I must have.
Ah...but looks can be deceiving.

I told you that my bedroom is suffering from neglect. I'm about to show you some of it's shame. I won't post all of my "before" pictures at one time for fear you would faint from the shame of it all. Here is my desk area...

It's piled up with clean clothes (MINE) and after-Christmas bargain shopping. While there is no excuse for the clean clothes, I have a very good reason to have Christmas items in my floor. The storage box is in my building WAY outside and we've had TONS of rain recently. Well, the rain is gone and the yard has dried up so it's time to get these items in their home.

Here's another picture for you...
That is the inside of one of the drawers in my desk. Can you hear it crying? It is so embarrassed to be seen this way.

I guess by now you know what I'll be doing today. This is "de-clutter the desk area in my room" day. Will it take ALL DAY? Not really, but this is all I'm "planning". I'm sure I'll do other things like my daily morning routine, a little laundry (I still need to wash the whites) and I'm forever picking up things the kids have put in the wrong place.

I don't HAVE to do the whole bedroom in one day. I have all week. On Thursday I'll do something else. On Friday, something else. De-clutter on Saturday? Maybe...maybe not. On Sunday? Not on your life! Something didn't get de-cluttered? There's always next time. Trust me, unless I'm the one that moves it, the "junk" ain't goin' anywhere! LOL ;-)

Tomorrow I'll have "AFTER" pictures for you. Be sure to come back and dote on my pretty, clean desk. It will make her feel loved.

Oh yes, FlyLady has started a blog and has a great post about de-cluttering. Go check it out HERE.

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