Thursday ~ Zone 2 ~ The Kitchen  

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100_2638This will be my last full day in the kitchen. Friday Bloom is having triple coupons so I’m making plans to get done in the kitchen today so I can be gone Friday morning. One great thing about Flylady is that you can customize the program to fit your needs.

My goals for today are to:

  • wash the outside of the fridge
  • wipe off the ceiling fan (do you have a ceiling fan in your kitchen? have you ever looked at the blades? boy can they get GROSS!!)
  • clean any decorative items
  • Windex the windows and blinds
  • clean out the inside of the hutch and dust well

I’m not sure if I’ll get anything else done or if there will be anything left to do. I feel like I’ve had a very productive week in the kitchen. It looks nice and feels nice. Oh, how wonderful to wake up every morning to a sparkling clean kitchen. It just starts my day off right.

So did I accomplish my goals for Wednesday? Yes.

Did I do anything extra? No.

I got up thinking , “Well, I really DON’T have to make the bed up before the kids go to school. There is no reason I can’t do it after they leave.” But as I was getting them up I looked at the empty bed I was already standing at and thought, “Really, how long will it take? Just do it.” So I went a head and made up those beds.

The same thing happened at breakfast. I really didn’t want to clean up those dishes. All I had to clean up were 3 small plates, 3 forks and 3 cups. I quickly filled up the sink and washed the dishes. They drip-dried in the few minutes I was helping the kids and then I put the dishes away. My kitchen was nice and shinny again.

Dad took the kiddos to school and I thought, “If I just swish and swipe this bathroom, I’ll be done with my morning routine until the youngest gets out of bed and my hubby is done in the master bath.” Swish….Swipe and I was finished.

Want to know what I did next? I plopped my tired self on the couch and went back to sleep ;-) Yep…I sure enough did and it was wonderful. My house was back in order, clean and tidy and I took a much needed rest. How nice to feel like I could do that without feeling like I was neglecting something.

Later, little man got up and had his “cheese grits” for breakfast and dear hubby was off to work. I quick made up the bed and wiped that master bath. Beautiful! (if you look past the clutter in the master bedroom that will be cleaned up once I get to that Zone)

I did wipe over the kitchen cabinets and drawers. It only took a few minutes since I had cleaned them a few weeks back. I then took all the appliances off the counter tops so I could bleach the counter. My counter tops are white-white and stain easily so occasionally I’ll use bleach and hot water to get them nice and clean again. That done, I wiped down the appliances as I put the back in place. “D” and I took a time out for lunch, then I pulled the stove out and cleaned it well, cleaned the sides of the cabinets beside the stove, then swept and mopped under the stove.

I then got ready to pick up the kids from school and guess what?

That’s all I did Wednesday!!! Yep, I just lazed about the whole afternoon.

And it was good…..

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