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Do you remember this shameful mess from yesterday?.....

And this embarrassed desk?....

Well, take a look at THIS....And THIS....

And one more....Yes, I've been very busy in my bedroom. I got all the Christmas bargains taken to my building and put away in plastic totes. I got all the clothes put away. I cleaned out the desk and only put back what needed to be there. I even polished the desk and cleaned the window.

Oh, there is much more to do but it feels so nice to have this part done.

I won't be home Thursday, so I'll be doing a little bit more in my room Wednesday evening than I had originally planned. The goal is to de-clutter this....

I won't get to the items in the drawers this time. The top two small drawers are FILLED with pictures I need to sort out. This is the type of thing I want to have time to do and once I get things de-cluttered, clean and on a routine, I WILL have time to do it.

Once I clean off that piece of furniture, polish it and wipe down the items that actually belong on the shelves, the room will (for the most part) be de-cluttered.

That will leave the CLOSET! and one drawer in my room that has a few shorts that I need to clean out. I hope to have that taken care of by Friday.

We'll just see how it goes.

How are you doing? Are you de-cluttering anywhere? Deep cleaning? Share how you are doing...I'd love to know.

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yea! good for you - I've been trying to get all of our little (and big) piles cleaned up & out before our little girl is born in the next week or so - it's just so easy to let it get that way!

That looks great. And doesn't it make you feel so much better. Good job!

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