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So the weather is calling for 1 - 3 inches of snow where I live. Ya'll know that that means the schools will close, right? Did you make a mad dash for bread and milk?

Usually, Tuesday is Errand Day for me. There just wasn't very much I needed at the store this week and with the threat of snow I opted to go Monday night. I had more coupons to get Fruit Loops for $0.43 per box at Bi Lo and Tuesday was the last day of the sale. I made a quick run to Bi Lo to get those and some creamed soups I needed for our dinners this week. I did get a couple of pizzas for lunch tomorrow in case the kids are home and a few snacks (no milk OR bread).

Now, on to cleaning. This week FlyLady is in the master bedroom. I did the master bedroom last week because I just couldn't stand the mess any longer so I'm kind of on my own this week, too.

I waned to work in the children's rooms this week. They have WAY too much STUFF!!! It's time to clean out their closets and pack away things they aren't playing with. However...if they are out of school, that's not gonna happen.

I may spend a little time in my master bathroom. I need to go through the cabinets and straighten out my stock pile of personal products and medicine. I'll just have to see how the day goes. Snow days are kind of slow and I may want to spend it being lazy ;-)

I guess this week will be a "fly by the seat of your pants week".

I'll be back to a regular schedule next week.

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Wow, I can't believe that schools shut down for 1-3" of snow. We got 6" toward the end of the week, and 8" more over the weekend. School only shut down for the temperature (-24 w/wind chill) because it's too cold for kids to walk to school. What is the temp down there right now? I remember when I was in Reno in July...the kids were going to school because they have most of the winter off because the weather is so terrible in the mountains. I guess it's just so different in every area. -Sherri

So....did you get any snow?
We got about 5 flakes around 11pm:)

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