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Already Tuesday? WOW!
So Tuesday is my errand day. First I'll get up and wake up the kids. I'll get all the beds made and get everyone fed and off to school. I'll have to quickly wipe down the bathrooms and tidy the kitchen because as soon as my beloved gets home from taking the kids to school, I'll be off to drop my van off to be serviced. My van has NO HEAT! Can you say C-O-L-D????

Anyway, Mom's going to meet me at the repair shop then we are going to take my oldest daughter to the doctor. She has a wart on her foot he has been treating. After that, I'm going to be a bad mom and instead of taking my daughter to school, we're going shoe shopping!!

She is a straight "A" student and has been since 1st grade. She had been trying to get Perfect Attendance this year, but a stomach bug ruined that one for her. We'll get a doctor's note so this absence will be excused. We stress the importance of school and of being there as much as you can, but it can be SO DIFFICULT trying to find shoes with 4 kids in tow. This is a perfect chance to just have the one that needs the shoes to go.

Anyway, we're going to try and find her some shoes and we'll get a bite to eat. I'll have to pick up my other daughter up from school at 2:30 then go back and get my son at 3:45.

Somewhere in there I will need to go to the grocery store and I would LOVE to stop by KMart to see what deals can be had at Super Double Coupons. Can it all be done? We'll see....

My Weekly Blessing went well. I got the beds made, the floor vacuumed, the house feather dusted, the bathrooms wiped down, floors mopped and tubs cleaned, the kitchen tidied up and mopped, the laundry room tidied up and mopped and I'm almost finished with laundry.
It's amazing how the house can get into such disarray over the weekend! It took a good bit of time just getting things back in place. All the more reason to fall into a routine and stick with it!!!

Wednesday I start to de-clutter the Master Bedroom.
I'll have before and after pictures.
Be warned...they are NOT for the faint of heart!!!!

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I let my kids have a "day off" every now and then. If their grades are good and they haven't been sick, I feel like they deserve it:)
Good luck trying to get it all done today!

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