It's been that kind of week!  

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Do you ever feel like THIS?

Well, that's how I feel this week!

I seem to be falling farther and farther behind.

I was doing so well with the de-cluttering and cleaning until my little one got sick. Now I don't seem to be able to accomplish anything.

Why is that? Why is it SO easy to get derailed?

I know that one problem this week is that my schedule is "off".

I went to the grocery store on Monday instead of Tuesday.
I got a late start and the little boy got very cranky and that makes for a trying trip. I didn't get anything accomplished at home that day.

Tuesday was speech and our instructor was running late. That threw my day behind again. I ended up making a BIG pot of soup and basically goofing around in the kitchen.

Today my daughter had to go to the doctor to see about her foot. After going across town, seeing the doctor, taking her out for breakfast, back across town to school and home I was NOT interested in starting a project at home.

Sometimes all you can do is sit back and laugh and try again the next day.
Here's a "funny" all you moms can relate to:

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I think I need to spend a little time doing this...

and asking God for a productive day tomorrow ;-)

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