Poor kid!  

Posted by: Julie

My 4 yr old is an accident waiting to happen.

He is wide open all the time and NEVER watches where he runs!

Monday evening he was playing in the yard with my mom and my other children.

They were having a wonderful time playing their own version of "Minute to Win It".

All was well until time to go in. This time, Daniel was simiply walking up the steps and the next thing my mom knew his face was on the deck!
Somehow he tripped and when he fell his mouth is what caught him.

Wanna see the damage?

Bless his heart!

Thankfully he didn't require stitches but his top front tooth was pushed back.

He has an appointment to have both top front teeth pulled next week, but I'm getting a second opinion before we go that route. See my kids keep their baby teeth FOREVER! My oldest two didn't loose their first tooth until the end of 1st grade. Infact, my 7 yr old still hasn't even gotten a loose tooth. If he follows the same trend he could have a gap for 3 years. I'm concerned that his teeth will shift and will cause problems down the road. I'm talking with my kids orthodontist to see what she recommends :-)

I am so very thankful that God was watching over this precious little boy!

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Boys are like that, aren't they?!
He looks so cute asleep with that fat lip:) Kennedy had something similar happen to her when she was 5 (not as bad) and I didn't let them pull her teeth (same reason as you) and hers turned gray and yucky before she lost them because the nerves were dead.
Glad you're back!!!!

I'm glad he is okay.

I'm interested to see what the other doctor says about his teeth. Wonder if that spacer I was telling you about would be an option for him?

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