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Do your kids LOVE to read? Do you wish your kids would read more? The Greenville Library has a great summer reading program to encourage our children to read more while they earn prizes!

Kick off for the program is TODAY!!! We've been participating for a few years now and I've learned a few things.

  • Register early. Like today or tomorrow

  • School summer reading list books get gone FAST. If you don't find the books you want at your library, put it on the request list. If you don't get on the list, you may never see the book you're looking for

  • Read, Read, Read! The prizes go FAST. If your child wants the reward from the library, they won't want to wait till the last week to redeem their list for a prize. We redeem our prizes as we earn them. When we read 10 books, we get our prize. When our total hits 25, we get our 2nd prize, and finally when we reach 45 we pick up the last prizes. If you wait until you read all 45 books or chapters, lots of the prizes are gone and who wants to miss out on a FREE Chick Fil A ice cream cone?

  • Work your library trip around other FREE activities at the library. They have some really cool things to do this summer. Many of the activities are for registered Summer Readers only and you will need to take your reading log with you to attend the activity (Click June, or July for more info on activities going on that month)

  • Yes, even non-readers can earn prizes. Read books to your baby or pre-schooler. Let your older children read to them. They can count those books towards their goals.

  • Read books aloud to all the children at once. For example, you can read chapters of "Little House on the Prairie" aloud every night to all your children. Let them take turns reading aloud. Those chapters count, too, and you have a great time together reading as a family. (In larger books, 25 pages read count as a long chapter. My kids like to read "The Magic Tree House" books and we usually count those as 2 books read.)

  • Set aside time EVERY DAY to read. My children like to read BUT if I don't set aside the time consistently, they get busy with other things and tend to over look doing it.

Here are the details:

Join Be Creative @ Your Library
Children ages 12 and younger are invited to participate in the Greenville County Library System (GCLS) summer reading program: Be Creative @ Your Library. Receive a reading log and bookmark when you join. Prizes are not recommended for children under 5 years of age


You’re a Reader! You have read or listened to 10 books or long chapters.
Chick-fil-A® Icedream® coupon
Pavilion ice skating pass

You’re a Great Reader! You have read or listened to 25 books or long chapters.
Chick-fil-A® Kids Meal coupon
Be Creative paint sheet

You’re a Super Reader! You have read or listened to 45 books or long chapters.
Certificate of Completion
Toy mini video camera
Voucher to a Greenville Drive baseball game including the opportunity to walk on the field and see your name on DriveVision.

*A long chapter is at least 25 pages.

School Credit

When you have read 10, 25 or 45 books or long chapters, take the instructions page and your reading log to the GCLS location where you registered. We will give you a Reader, Great Reader or Super Reader stamp. If your school honors summer readers, show your stamped log to your teacher.

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