What's the Bzz? Glade Flameless Candles!  

Posted by: Julie

Look what came in the mail yesterday

I am a Bzz Agent and they sent this to me in the mail to "Bzz" about
Have you tried the Glade Flameless Candles yet?
If not, what are you waiting for?
I think these are so neat.
How does Glade describe their product?
The new Glade® Wisp® Flameless Candle combines continuous puffs of fragrance with a warm, flickering glow, letting you enhance the mood in any setting. Place it in your living room, bathroom, bedroom or anywhere you'd like to create a more inviting space. The Glade® Wisp® Flameless Candle looks so real, you'd never know it wasn't a real candle.
Unlike many ordinary electric continuous air fresheners, the Glade® Wisp® Flameless Candle:
Features a decorative glass jar that fits virtually any d├ęcor
Is battery-operated and portable
Enhances the ambiance in any room. Unlike ordinary candles, the Glade® Wisp® Flameless Candle:
Continuously fragrances, all day, every day
Is adjustable to 5 fragrance settings
Has no flame, so you can use it practically anywhere
The Glade® Wisp® Flameless Candle has no lit flame, so you can feel confident using it near curtains, next to houseplants and in countless other situations where you might not use a traditional candle. It's fragrance, ambiance and peace of mind, all in one.
What do I think about the Glade Flameless Candle?
I like it alot. I like that you can control the intensity of the smell. I like that you can turn the light off and still use the scent. I like that it gives you the look of a candle without the flame.
With a house full of kids, the last thing I need is a live flame around. The Glade Flameless Candle gives me the look and feel of a candle without the danger of a real flame.
I even found a $5.00 off coupon HERE
Want to see what I did with my Glade Flameless Candle?

Can you see it on the side of the bubble-filled tub? Oh it was such a relaxing bath!
I can't wait to share the coupons with my family and friends!
Want to know more about being a Bzz Agent? Check it out HERE!

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