Costume Time Again!  

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These are pictures of the kids in their costumes from last Halloween.

It was the first time we made our own costumes and I think they turned out pretty cool!

They were frugal, too. I think the most I spent on any one costume was $5.00!

  • I bought some ribbon for "A's" costume to hold the alien on. Eveything else I had.

  • I bought bedroom shoes for "J's" costume. She wore them Halloween night and nearly every night since.

  • I bought yellow ribbon for "K's" costume to hold up her box. I took some fabric paint I had and painted one of my son's old white t-shirts. She had the brown pants in her drawer already.

  • I made the ears for "D's" costume out of cardboard and felt I had at home. I bought him a black turtleneck shirt that he was able to wear the rest of the winter ( I count that as clothes money not costume money) I found the red shorts on clearance and added the white buttons. He was able to wear the shorts this summer after I took off the white buttons. I also bought a pair of black girls leggings to wear under the shorts and gave them to my niece after Halloween and she was able to wear them all winter.

Let me also say that I am not this creative. I found these ideas after searching the web. Some came from Family Fun and others I just found by looking around. Just search for "Homemade Halloween Costumes" and see what turns up.
I do suggest that you do this without your children. Some of the costumes are very inappropriate for children. I just found ones I thought they would like, bookmarked them, and let the kids choose from the ones I found.

"A" went as "Boy Captured by Alien"

"J" was "Spa Girl"

"K" was "SpongeBob Squarepants"

"D" was "Mickey Mouse"

I'm now thinking about costumes for this year. "D" will be "Bob the Tomato" from Veggie Tales.
"K" wants to be "Picachu" from Pokemon. I have no clue what "J" and "A" want to do. They better get on the move with an idea. "A's" costume last year took a bit of time due to the paper mache alien head and I REALLY don't want to be pushed this year.

What do you do for Halloween? Do you dress up? Do you buy or make costumes? Do you trick or treat? Do you even celebrate Halloween?

We used to trick or treat in a small neighborhood in our area but the past two years we've been to "Trunk or Treat" at Berea First Baptist Church. It's SO much fun! They decorate the trunks of their cars and lots of the folks dress up, too. We really enjoy it.

How are your Halloween plans coming along?
Visit Frugal Fridays for more frugal ideas!

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You are so creative!!! We buy ours...I don't think my mind could come up with the things you did! That's so cute!!

Oh, my gosh, your kids are adorable in their costumes! That alien one is great!

Cool! I'm going to attempt to make my 1st costume this year. My son wants to be the "tin man"!

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