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Let me see if I can explain my soup deal.

The soup was on sale for $3.00 for 5 making them $0.60 each.

My coupon was $0.40 / 4.

I bought 24 cans of soup so I used 6 coupons.

Let's say you buy 4 cans at 0.60 each. That makes the total $2.40.

Now take that $0.40 / 4 coupon and triple it making it $1.20.

Subtract $1.20 from $2.40 and you now have paid $1.20 for 4 cans of soup or $0.30 each.

Does that make sense? It can be so hard to explain these deals online. Let me know if this helps!

At Harris Teeter, you can triple up t0 20 coupons per VIC card per day. You may use up to 3

like coupons. Like the soup, I could use 3 in one transcation and 3 in another transcation on a

different VIC card. I have a VIC card and my mother in law let me use her VIC card so I could

do the different transcations.

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