Bloom Triple Coupon Savings  

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Did you make it to Bloom? I was able to go and while I failed to take a picture to show you, I still thought I'd post what I purchased.

(2) Tropicana Premium Orange Juice 89 oz: $4.99 each - $0.75 q x 3 = $2.74 each

(4) Eggo Waffles: $1.99 each - $0.55 q x 3 = $0.34 each

(2) Borden Kid Builder American Cheese : $2.50 each - $0.55 q x 3 = $0.85 each

(2) Nestle Quick Syrup: $1.67 each - $0.50 q x 3 = $0.17 each

(2) Pillsbury Crescent Rolls : $2.00 each - $0.35q x 3 = $0.95 each

(1) Pillsbury Cinnamon Danish: $2.00 each - $0.30 q x 3 = $1.10 each

(6) Lipton Rice : $1.00 each - $0.60 / 2 q x 3 = $0.20 / 2 OR $0.10 each

(2) Jiff Peanut Butter: $2.00 each - $0.35 x 3 = $0.95 each

(2) ZipLock Easy Zip Freezer bags: $2.00 each - $0.55 q x 3 = $0.35 each

My Total Out of Pocket : $15.19
My Savings was: $38.59
My Breeze Card Savings was: $7.39
While I didn't do quite as good as I do when I go to Harris Teeter, I was still pleased with my savings. The OJ bumped my cost up a bit, was it was a good price for OJ. It comes out to $0.24 per cup. Th danish wasn't a super price, but my kids eat those for breakfast once a week, and the cheapest everyday price I can find is the WalMart brand at $1.58 each.
How did you do?
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Great job! We're getting a Bloom near us soon and I'm excited. We already have Lowes and Harris Teeter which also triple every couple of months.

I made a run to our Bloom yesterday. Didn't do quite as good as you. :) I'm planning another trip tonight after DH gets home from work.

If you have WalMart and Home Depot, there are a couple of giveaways at this site.

Does Harris Teeter double coupons? And can you stack coupons on B1G1? Just wondering if it is worth the 25 mile drive and will I save enough money to do it?

Yes, Harris Teeter doubles coupons up to $0.99 every day. About every few months they will triple coupons up tp $0.99. That is when I usually make my run to Hendersonville.

It takes me about 30 minutes to get there (same as going shopping at the mall)and I usually save a TON of money.

At the Harris Teeter in Hendersonville you can use 1 coupon per item for the B1G1.The item rings up at 1/2 price and I've never had a problem doing that. Their "policy" states only 1 coupon per B1G1, but I asked at customer service and they said it was okay.

Here is the addy to my post on the last Harris Teeter Triples:

Great Job! Oh, I would have loved to see a picture! :)


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