Make your own colored sugar  

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(This is a re-post from 2008.)
Have you ever been making cookies and ran out of colored sugar?
What about wanting a special color of and you can't find it?
Have you ever tried making your own colored sugar?
It is SO super simple and so frugal! Here, let me show you how.
Here's what you need.
I use my little mini chopper,
but a regular food processor or blender would work.
1/2 cup of sugar
liquid food color of your choice

Put the sugar in the processor and add in a few drops of food color

Give it a good whir around and have colored sugar!

I store mine in mason jars. I also re-use the shaker bottles from colored sugar I've purchased in the past.

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That right there's pretty clever! You should post it to WFMW next time. I bet a lot of folks could use this tip this time of year.

Good one!

That's a really great tip!
Thanks, I'll use this.

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