Cute and Quick Gift Idea  

Posted by: Julie

 I came across this ADORABLE idea at Beneath My Heart

Holiday Tile Coasters!

 Super Cute!

Super Easy!

Super Frugal!

I'll just ask you to visit Beneath My Heart for the instructions,
but I'll give you the break down on my cost.

~Cost ~ 
$1.11 for a set of 4.

Oh, read that right.

Tiles ~ $0.16 each x's 4 = $0.64
Napkins* ~ $0.03 each x's 4 = $0.12 
Felt** ~ $0.35 

*(I got a set of 25 napkins at Walmart and was able to use two snowmen off each napkin)

**( I bought felt to use for the back instead of cork. Each piece was $0.35 and I was able to get 4 squares off each)

A pretty ribbon to tie them all together and you have one great little gift .

My kids are giving sets of these to school teachers and Sunday School teachers.

I'll bet there are TONS of people that would enjoy receiving this sweet little gift!

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Those are adorable and you're so creative!!!!!!!

What a practical and fun gift idea! I think I may have to give that a try this holiday season! Thanks for sharing!

I saw those too. I used vinyl on mine instead of napkins. I didn't give any away. But I did keep it cheap this year. Since we had 8 teachers to give presents too, I made a pair of earrings and an ornament for each teacher. Super cheap and fun!

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