Swishn' and Swipen' and Homemade Cleaning Wipes  

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*See Below For My Homemade Cleaning Wipes *
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When you "swish and swipe" your bathroom, it's just a daily routine of wiping over things to keep the room looking and smelling nice. It's not deep cleaning. You do that once per month when you are in that ZONE (for more info on "Zones", visit FLYLADY)
How do I "swish and swipe"?
Well, I like to pick up the Lysol or Clorox wipes when I can get them cheap. I also make my own cleaning wipes (recipe to follow). I keep the wipes along with some Windex and paper towels under the sink in the bathroom so it's easy to grab when I'm ready to clean.
I take a wipe and start with the counter top and sink. I give it a good wipe down and get rid of all the toothpaste gunk that my crew seems to leave ;-). Then I'll get another wipe and go over the toilet. I'll start with the tank and handle, then the outside of the lid, the inside of the lid, the seat, the underside of the seat and wipe the top of the rim and sides of the bowl. Next I'll spritz the mirror and wipe it down with a paper towel and sometimes I'll Windex the faucet. Then, I'll spritz the toilet with Windex and swish the toilet with a toilet brush. What about the tub and shower? What about the floor? What about a stronger cleaner in the toilet? I do that once per week when I do my "Weekly Blessing" (better known as cleaning the house).
That's it. All done. Does it sound like a lot? It's kind of like the directions to making a PB & J. Lots of info to make something SO simple! This takes less than 2 minutes to do and will keep your bathroom clean all the time.
How do I make my own cleaning wipes? I'll get those really nice paper towels (like Viva) and tear them off the roll. I'll smush them into a plastic container with a lid. Next, I'll pour in a cleaner like Mr Clean or Lysol until the paper towels are moist without being soppy wet. That's it. I use them just like the Lysol or Clorox wipes you buy. I like to keep a container of these under the sink in each bathroom. I find I'm more likely to swipe down the bathroom if I don't have to go all over the house to get the items I need.

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I use those Clorox wipes, too, for daily maintenance, but I've never tried making them myself. Thanks for sharing how!

I think I could actually keep my bathroom clean if I used your idea. :) Thank you.

Ok, I have been wondering how i could make my own cleaning wipes cause this is the part of the swishing and swiping thing that gets me....thanks for sharing!

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