Another little kitchen craft  

Posted by: Julie

I was shopping at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and found some adorable tins to use in the kitchen. They were just simple white tins with black or red trim work and they said things like "Tea" , "Sugar", "Coffee", etc. The asking price was $7.99 each, but (of course) they were marked 50% off making them $3.99 each. Um, not in my frugal budget ;-)

Later I was at Goodwill and found some Christmas tins that were similar in shape to the ones I had seen at Hobby Lobby. They were $0.50, $0.50 and $0.80. Okay, THAT was in my budget.

Add some black spray paint, labels made on the computer and some check ribbon ($1.97 at Walmart) and here's what I ended up with:

(sorry about the pic. I just couldn't get a great shot)

I had a empty spot on the top of my microwave that just cried out for "something" and my set of tins are just perfect there.

Here are closer views of the tins:

Nope, they aren't "perfect" but I'm okay with that.
Like the Nester says,
"It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"

With the flash you can see the brush marks where I used Mod Podge to secure the label but in "real life" you never notice it.

3 tins at $3.99 from Hobby Lobby: $11.97
3 homemade tins: $3.77

Which would you chose?

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I'd go for the frugal choice, and enjoy them that much more, of course! Good for you!

Looks great! I'm noticing even the 50% off at Hobby BLobby is becoming to rich for my blood...I find myself more and more saying 'oh I could totally do that for next to nuthin'

Love your tranformation! Love the labels! Stop by for a visit sometime!

I love your tins! Great job!! Ironically I was trying to do the same thing this weekend and the spray paint ran really bad on them. Now it could be me because I don't do the short strokes like you are supposed to. Did you roughen your tins up at all with sandpaper before spray painting them?

Awesome! I want some now. I'm on the look out for tins.

They look great! I don't use canisters anymore, but you could make them for anything..good job!

I couldn't believe when you said the sale price at Hobby Lobby and you walked away! But how fun to find tins and make them your's! I do like them alot, imperfect is great - you made them and that's pretty wonderful!

awww, you did a great job!
cute blog page!
ps try turning on a light, and taking pics without the flash... hold the camera really still. Pics look better that way! :)

Very creative and oooo so cute !

What a GREAT idea...and the price can't be beat.

Good Job!

Cute; but where do you get modge podge--seems like bloggers must have a hobby store or what??

Those look great! I love the labels and that they're black. I'm having a giveaway today. Stop by and enter if you get a chance.

What a wonderful idea. I have various tins i haven't been able to discard. This gives me ideas for coordinated storage I can develop. Thanks for sharing!

Really cute! I love the black and white. And what a steal of a price.

I am So Impressed with your Creativity, Resourcefulness and Frugality! I love what you did to the tins! They look Wonderful! I bet your kitchen is really looking like a picture from a magazine!

I'm curious which Goodwill you shop at? You sure find the treasures! My Goodwill doesn't seem to have much.

They look great. I've painted tins before but then found it made getting the lids off difficult. Have you had that problem? The ribbon is a beautiful touch.

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