Frugal, Fast Lunch  

Posted by: Julie

Today has been "one of those days" with the kids. Ahh...summertime! Don't you just love the sweet sound of fighting children? LOL
I tried to do my grocery shopping with the kids, but due to misbehavior I walked out of the store with nothing :-(

I really needed to buy lunch stuff because I'm VERY low on several things. Since I didn't buy anything, what was I going to do for lunch? I (jokingly) told the kids that because they didn't allow me to do my grocery shopping that I had nothing for lunch and they would have to wait until dinner. Bad mommy!

What I did was get creative. I rummaged around and found all the makings for homemade chicken noodle soup. Perfect! Here's what I did:

2 cups of chicken broth (found in pantry WAY in the back)
1 cup of egg noodles (left over from a chicken casserole from last week)
2 cups of cooked chicken (also left over from chicken casserole from last week)
2 carrots (last weeks salad)
2 celery stalks (last weeks salad)

It all went in a big pot and brought to a boil. I cooked it for 10 minutes and lunch was served.
The kids really enjoyed it. Was it because it was good? Was it because they were grateful I actually did feed them after all? Were they just really hungry? Who knows, but they ate it and even said "Thanks, Mom!"

Now it's time for little "D" to take a nap.

Maybe I can get everyone else to take one too and I can enjoy a small bit of quite today.
Guess that one is just wishful thinking :-P

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