Got my $1 flip flops at Old Navy  

Posted by: Julie

Thanks to The Centisible Sawyer, "J" and I headed out for $1 flip flops! We got there at 8:55 AM and the store opens at 9:00 AM. Well, they were already open and just about out of the $1 flip flops. I was able to get "J" 2 pair, "K" 2 pair and 1 pair of men's for me since all of the women's were G-O-N-E!

I have 2 complaints about my experience today:

1.) The AD said there was a limit of 5 per customer. Well, let me tell ya, that wasn't the case at my Old Navy. There were ladies buying 10 or more at a time. Greed just kills me! What about the folks that didn't get there before 9 AM? If they got there after 9:15 there was nothing left but men's shoes. I believe if they advertise a limit, they should enforce that limit.

2.) They had patterned flip flops on the same rack as the solid colored ones. The solid ones were on sale for $1 NOT the patterned. No problem, except they were on the sales rack. Doesn't that mean they are on sale as well? I was going to purchase a pair for "J", but when they rang up $3.50 I had them take it off my order. Personally, I think they mislead on purpose. I wonder how many people bought those flip flops that weren't on sale and didn't realize it?

Oh, well...I was able to get my 5 pair and I've been wearing my pair all day ;-)

Thanks, Old Navy, for the great, inexpensive shoes.

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