God Answers Prayer  

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Are you just in awe of the fact that God listens to us?

Can you believe He actually cares about our wants and needs?

Really, the Creator of the Universe, wants me to
bring my cares to Him.

Do you want to know something even more amazing?

He really DOES answer our prayers!!!

Saturday our ice truck broke. My dear husband is not one to let our locations sell out of ice, so yesterday was spent bagging ice and delivering it out of the back of the van with 4 kids in tow.
Let me tell ya, that is no easy task.

Today was even more difficult. He was trying to bag and deliver ice by himself using his car. I wasn't available to help him until after 2 PM. It FINALLY occurred to me that I had not stopped and given this problem over to God. Right then, I came to my knees and prayed and I prayed specifically for what our needs were. Then, I stopped worrying. I went about my day, got the girls from school early and went to help my beloved. We had discussed our options for tomorrow and I called him late in the afternoon to see what plans needed to be made.

This is when it gets GOOD!

When I prayed earlier today I asked God to allow our truck to be fixed today. The mechanic came by when we weren't there, then called to tell us he needed to order a part. We figured it would be 1 - 2 days before the truck would be ready. However, God had other plans. When I spoke to my hubby this evening, the mechanic was there fixing the truck and it would be ready TODAY!!!

Wait, it gets BETTER...

I also asked God to allow the bill to be $100 or less. Let's face it, auto repair can cost an arm and a leg and we just don't have money to throw around. My husband informed me that the mechanic decided to waive his usual service fee and just charged us...... $95!!!

Seriously??? Seriously???

How can ANYONE not believe that

God Answers Prayer

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