Laundry Room Re-Do  

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The way out house it set up, my laundry room is basically the main entrance to our house. I try really hard to make it inviting , but really, how inviting can a laundry room be? I decided a few weeks ago that painting that room would certainly help.

Here is the BEFORE view as you walk
in from the back door.

The washer and dryer are to the left as you enter.
When you get to the end of the room,
this is the view to the le
ft. (that door leads to the kids rooms and to the right is my kitchen)

That light green paint left much to be desired.
So dirty and outdated.
Time for a change.

Here is the AFTER shot as you enter through the door.

Here is the washer and dryer to t
he left.(the unfinished area to the right is our furnace area. We had some work done there around the time I painted. The door that belongs there has also been painted the color of the room and has been replaced)

And this is the end of the room.

Much better, don't you think? I still have lots to do. I need to paint the door and all the trim. I may work on that next week. A new rug is in order, for sure! I may even hang some kind so welcoming art work. Wouldn't some words stenciled on the wall above the counter be an interesting touch? I want to keep the counter areas clear, so I won't be adding any do-dads.

So tell me what you think?

I also took down the wall paper in my kitchen and painted it the same color as the laundry room. I'll show those before and afters tomorrow. I'm considering painting the entire house this same color. We'll see. ;-)

PS: I've not forgotten my giveaway. It's coming soon. Promise!

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Love the color! I want to paint in our house, too, maybe soon!
I am impressed with the overall spotlessness of the laundry room with 4 kids:)

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