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Just A Girl has a great post about making frugal gifts for Christmas this year. There are SO many neat ideas linked to her post. I'm late, but here's my idea.

My mom LOVES Christmas ornaments! Every year the kids usually give her a new one to add to her tree. Last year I was looking for a frugal idea for a special, homemade ornament and came up with this idea. I didn't think this up, I found the idea on the internet, but I have NO idea where I found it.

I had some old green and red glass balls and some white paint. I painted my kids hands white and had them grip the ornament. This was a bit difficult with Daniel's as he was 6 months old at the time ;-)

After the paint dried, we painted on little eyes, mouths, scarfs and buttons to make snowmen.

I took more white paint and added the date and the name of the child whose hand was on the ornament. After all the paint was good and dry, I sprayed each ornament with clear acrylic to protect the paint.

Of course, I made a set for myself as well ;0)

These are some of my most cherished ornaments and they were practically free!

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Those are adorable...and they will be great for your kids to pass down to their kids one day!

I did the same last year. However I bought a little bit bigger ball and did all 3 kids hands on one. That way I wouldn't overload the great grandparents tree. The palms almost overlap and then write their names on the bottom of each hand. I did each kids hats and scarves each a different color also.

These are cute. We tried to make them last year with our son but he was too young to "get" it. I'm hoping to try it again this year!

This is SUCH a great idea. I would love to make these for myself! Alas, I guess this holiday is about giving to others. My in-laws will get these. :) Thank you for sharing!

Oh, I had forgotten about these! My son's kindergarten class did these as gifts to their parents and we ADORE ours. I think I'm going to do this for gifts to the grandparents this year! Thanks for sharing!

I wish I'd known about this when mine were little (they range from 18-26 now), because this is too cute!

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