Good Grades = Free Donuts  

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Did your child recently get their report card? Did they make any "A's"? Then they can get FREE DONUTS from Krispy Kreme donuts.

For every "A" on their report card, they can get up to 6 original glazed donuts. All you have to do is bring in their report card! How simple is that?

I have 3 school age children. My 5 year old does not get a report card yet, but my older 2 received all "A's" so we're going to be heading over to Krispy Kreme for free donuts this week!

We did this with our last report card last year and we had a ball! We got 1 dozen free donuts, bought 2 milks to share (they are BIG) and enjoyed a fun, frugal snack! The kids were SO excited! I can't wait to do it this time.

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Oh how fun! I wish I had a report card. Wait, no I don't. It's nice being done with school :).

Hope they're still running this promo in a few years when my baby is in school. And, hope he gets As!

Thanks for the info! We will be heading there tomorrow after I vote, so I can get my free one for voting:)

Yippeee! I had no idea but we will be doing this in the very near future! Thanks for the tip!

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