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Our church is participating in Operation Shoebox. That is when you pack a shoebox full of items for kids and then it is shipped to children that wouldn't normally have a Christmas. We had wanted to participate but the cost of shipping was holding me back. It's $7 per box and money for us is tight (like it is with most everyone).

Well, I've been feeling convicted about this. How can I provide such a blessed Christmas to my children and my family and think I don't have the money to help out children that have nothing?

How selfish of me!

This morning I decided that I could stretch my groceries for the week and use that money to pay the $21 for the 3 boxes we are doing.

Today, the kids and I were trying to get out the door to go buy the items for the shoe boxes. I had already filled them with items I had bought with my coupons and we needed to get some toys in there to be done. Each child took $5 of their money to buy 5 items at the Dollar Store. I was going to pay the shipping for each box.

Well, we couldn't seem to leave. One thing after another prolonged us being at home. Then there was a knock at the door and a man was standing there. He lives nearby to us and had noticed that we had an old lawn mower pushed into the corner of our yard. It sort of looked like this one...

Anyway, he wanted to buy it. I have no idea what to charge for something like that. We were planning to just haul it off and dump it. I told him to make an offer and he said "How's $25?" I took it! That is enough money to pay for the shipping charges for the shoe boxes and give the $4 that is left back to God!

Could I have gotten more for that old lawn mower? Maybe, maybe not. But, the timing and amount was too perfect to not be God working.

Thank you God for your blessings.

Thank you for allowing us to bless others.

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God is good all the time and
ALL the time God is good:)

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