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Don't you just LOVE getting "great" mail?
An unexpected card, a letter from a friend,

I don't do a lot of rebate shopping at Walgreens or Rite Aid. I don't like tying up my money to wait to get it back later. However, sometimes rebates come along that (for me) are worth doing.

Today I mailed in a rebate to Reynolds Wrap. I printed the Earth Day rebate form and put it in my binder. I went bargain shopping at Harris Teeter on Wednesday and picked up a roll of wrap. It was regularly priced at $3.29. It was on sale for $2.99. I used the $0.55 coupon that was in Sundays paper and it was doubled. I paid $1.89 + tax for the wrap and the Reynolds Wrap Rebate will be $3.29. Pretty good deal, huh?

Another rebate I sent in was to Hillshire Farms. They had "Try Me Free" stickers on the package. After filling out the info and sending it in to the company I will receive $3.00 in the mail. Yippie!!

The thing is, I would have bought these items anyway. I didn't make a special trip just to get them. I didn't spend money I had not already budgeted to spend.

I did not buy the item just because it would be "free" after I got my money back. I really don't consider the items to be "free". I paid for them. That money is gone. I now have to wait WEEKS to get it back. That's okay. I was going to spend that money anyway.

The rebate is a BONUS for me.

My question to you is, what do you do with the rebate money you get back? $3.00 here, $1.50 there isn't very much if you just stick it in your wallet. It tends to disappear, doesn't it?

I've been sticking my rebate money in an envelope for Christmas. It's not much right now, but it will help. I also do that with any money I get from answering surveys. Every time I answer a survey for PineCone Research they mail me a $3.00 check. Combine that with my rebate money and any money I may get from Ebates and I've got about $30.00 in my little envelope. By Christmas I may have as much as $100.00 put back. Pretty sweet, huh?

So, what do YOU do with your rebate money?

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