The Thoughtfulness of Children  

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While I was outside yesterday doing some yard work yesterday, my older children were in the house making birthday gifts for me.

Here we have the gift my 9 year old daughter gave me. See those big, white sunglasses? Well, they belong to her. My dad bought them for her when they went to the Jockey Lot a few months ago. Yesterday, I borrowed them while I was using the weed-eater because I couldn't find mine. I came in for a break and laid them down. When I went back to get them they were gone! I couldn't find them ANYWHERE! Turns out she grabbed them and wrapped them up for my b-day gift :0) The Chunky bar? Well, that sweet little girl knows those are my FAVE so she made sure to include on in the package.

And did you see my card? Isn't that sweet? Of course NO birthday card is complete without money in it. I do think she's rubbing my age in my face a bit, though LOL ;-)

Don't you love this gift box? Pretty resourceful don't you think?

And this is from my 11year old son. Again, you've GOT to have money in a birthday card! I just love he's note he wrote. And that picture! I guess he knows I love that precious face of his. Did you see the note in the box? It says "The paper clips are in a bag in the desk." Guess that was for my peace of mind ;-)

I fail so often as a mother but it feels wonderful to know that they love me in spite of my faults.

Thank you God for these beautiful children and for their thoughtful and generous hearts.

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Those kinds of gifts are priceless! Hope you had a great day:)

It is so good that you took all those pictures. How sweet and thoughtful your children are.

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