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Last night while I was at Why practice with Andrew and Jessica, SOMEONE left my deep freezer ajar! (I'm thinking that since a little kid golf club was stuck in the door that it was that little 2 yr old boy of mine)

Everything is still cold but it's ALL defrosted!!!!

3 ham steaks, 3 pks of ground beef, 3 pks boneless, skinless chicken breast, 1 pk bone-in chicken breast, 3 pks cubed steak, 1 chuck roast, 2 pks pork chops, 2 pks Italian sauages, 4 loafs of bread I couldn't save, a 5 lb bag of whole wheat flour that is water logged and several containers of homemade soup.

I'm still fighting off this nasty cold and cooking tons of meat WAS NOT in my plans for today!

So far, I've gotten the chuck roast in the crock pot, made taco meat for supper tonight, made spaghetti meat sauce that's now in the frezer and Sloppy Joe's meat mixture that is also in the freezer. Everything else is in the fridge for me to work on a little later today and some tomorrow.

Well, at least I'll be ahead on my cooking for next week, right?

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You'll be ahead for a week or 2!! At least you were able to rescue some of it. Last week I found mine and it was tooooo late-it had gotten unplugged and we lost everything-yick!

you should have soup for supper and lunch tomorrow since you don't feel good today - on the bright side - just think how well prepared you are going to be in the next few weeks with all that cooking:)

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