Cough Syrup Update  

Posted by: Julie

I've been giving my oldest son the homemade cough syrup since Wednesday morning.
It helps about as much as the over the counter stuff.

I have used Delsym  and it works okay.
Nothing great as far as my kiddos go.
Bummer :(

For super bad coughs I'd probably see my doctor to get a strong cough syrup. My son had a cough so bad he couldn't get ANY sleep for days. For that one we called the DR. It was a MUST for us at that time.

Sometimes they REALLY don't like to prescribe cough meds, but if it's bad enough it's really the way to go (for us anyway) 

Back to the homemade stuff...

So far it hasn't made the cough stop, BUT it does seem to lessen the cough.

I like the fact that I can give it to him as needed and not worry about over doing it.

I like that even my little boy (my 3 yr old) can use it safely.

I also like that I have the ingredients on hand and that it is easy to make.

I will continue to give it to him and will most likely use it again in the future :)

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Aren't you just ready for summer? I am! I hate winter and all the rain and sickness. Praying for you and your family.

As a new reader, I just saw this. I found a good use for Delsym, but it's not for coughs. I used it for a terrible toothache that Orajel wouldn't even touch. I thought I'd have to go to the ER on a Saturday night. I looked online for a home remedy.

Swish the Delsym around the tooth that aches (and spit it out). Within a couple minutes I could feel the pain subsiding. In 5 minutes, all I could feel was a dull ache! The pain never came back as strong as it had been. My dentist had never heard of it, but was going to advise people of it who called him on weekends. :)

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