Whole lot of coughing going on!  

Posted by: Julie

My son has a cough.

A yucky, deep cough.

Have you found a cough syrup that actually works?

I haven't but I'm going to give this a try

Basically it's cooked honey and onions and you can add various herbs to boost the benefits of the syrup.

I made some this morning and just gave dear son a dose :)

Now, let's see if it helps.

It can't hurt :^)

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I don't know if you have tried Delsym but it really works for my son. He has asthma and coughs a great deal at night. This stops it everytime. I think it is kinda expensive but it has been worth the cost for us. Good luck. I know those sleepless nights of constant coughing are rough.

Yes, we use Delsym at our house too. Also at night I will rub vapor rub or Vicks all over the bottom of KT's feet and then put on socks. It seems to help calm that annoying trickle cough!

So, did the cough medicine work? I prefer the natural to the unnataural... We've tried Delsym and everything else under the sun for my husbands coughs and NOTHING works - not even the prescription meds a lot of times!

Julie, thank you for your kind words of support on my blog post about public schooling! I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment ... and I do hope you'll be back again to visit at Pleasing to You!

Teri Lynne

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