Are You a "Fly Baby"?  

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I was a serious "FlyBaby" several years ago. I LOVED it! My house was always clean and the drawers and cabinets were always tidy. I had SOOO much more time for the fun things in life and boy did it feel good to be home!

I fell off the wagon when I went to work part-time at my kids pre-school. That was almost 5 years ago and I'm ready to get back on track.

Today I started again! I got up and did my "Weekly Home Blessing"! This is when you get your house all fresh for the upcoming week.

What did I accomplish?

1. Made all beds - 5 of them!

2. Wiped down bathrooms - 2

3. Dusted the house - just a quick feather dust

4. Vacuumed the house - just a quick going over...didn't move furniture

5. Got the laundry started - I'll work on this thru the day until it's all done and put away

6. Cleaned the kitchen - got the clean dishes out of the dishwasher, loaded the dirty ones from breakfast, and got dinner in the crock pot!

7. Mopped the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom

Now the house is fresh and clean! I'm done for the day!!!!!

Tomorrow I'll be working in the ZONE for the week. Flylady divides her home into ZONES and deep cleans in those 15 minutes a day for one week. If you didn't get something done, it's okay. That ZONE will come around again next month and to can get it then!

I'm super excited! Won't you join me?

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I'm still working at being a flybaby! It's been how many years since you first told me about it, yet I'm still just fluttering around with it. My house is WAY better than it used to be, but is still nowhere near what it could be. Eventually it'll get there, but not with three growing boys in the house!! You and I should keep tabs on eachother....having to report to someone is a real motivator!!

I am a Flybaby...totally loving it! You sure got a TON done today!

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