Zone 5 ~ My Living Room  

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How is your living room looking so far? I'm pleased with how mine is looking.

Oh, there is SO much more to do...
get the hand prints off the walls, clean my spotted carpet, clean my furniture (what WAS I thinking...white furniture???), clean the blinds, wash the curtains,
deep down wash the wood furniture....
The list could go on forever!

But you know something?
When folks visit, they really don't concentrate on those things,
they see the whole picture (unless it's my mom, LOL!)

My living room is clutter free. It's vacuumed. It's dusted. It smells nice.
The rest will come next month or the next. If you stay on top of the day to day stuff, when this Zone rolls around again you can do those "extra" things you want to do.

So, how are you doing today?
Have you done your Morning Routine?
Have you Baby Stepped through your day?
What about Kelly's Mission?

Tell me how you are doing so I can cheer you on!

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I just wanted to let you know I tagged you over on my blog so come on over if you want to participate..go to my blog for the rules

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