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Posted by: Julie

First stop today was the movies! We saw "The Bee Movie". It was free for all 5 of us to see, then $1 for pop corn each and $1 drinks each. The line for popcorn and drinks was SO long. We got in line thinking they would move pretty quick and we'd still see the beginning of the movie. Not so!

I finally got out of line and told the kids I would go back for snacks after the movie started and the line thinned down. I got everyone seated and after the movie began, "D" and "K" and I went back for snacks. Again a LONG line. While waiting, "K" said she felt bad and needed to go to the bathroom. We just got into the bathroom and she threw-up all over the floor! YUCK!

We got cleaned up and told management about our mess and got back in line for snacks. By this time my 10 year old came looking for me. Anyway, a very nice lady that I was in line behind before "K" got sick was now in the front of the line. She told me to come up in front of her because there was no reason I should have to keep waiting. God, bless this wonderful woman!

We did okay in the movie but "D" got really bored. Well, that's just how it goes with 2 year olds. I know the older kids enjoyed it, but this free movie like to have killed me LOL!
Next we went to Staples to pick up some cheap school supplies. Here's what we got:

(8) 8- pack pencils $0.01 each
(3) binders $0.25 each
(10) pocket folders $0.01 each

Total for all: $0.99!
(Each kid and I did a transaction)

I'd love to get more pencils. Each of my kids (3 in school) has to bring in 48 pencils! We might go back before church tonight. We'll see....

Then we went to CVS. I got ...

2 Dawn - 2 / $2
1 box Playtex $4.99
2 boxes CVS tampons 5 ct $1.49 each
1 CVS soap

Total: $9.97

Then I used $1.00 off Playtex
$ 2.00 off CVS purchase
$ 3.49 ECB's

Total after savings $5.47

Received $6.98 in ECB's

Our last stop was Walmart. I went to pick up some pictures, a picture album, bread and lunch meat. I ended up with the pictures, an album, 3 back packs, 1 lunch box, no bread and no lunch meat. "D" was screaming the entire time we were in the store. I knew he was hungry and I couldn't stand any more!

We hit the Subway that's in Walmart. Ugh! I did try to keep our cost down. I bought (2) foot-long subs and 2 drinks. We split the sandwiches and shared the drinks but it still cost $15.76.

I've just got to make a grocery store trip happen! Not having the things I need at home when I need them can be a budget buster!

Oh well, as Scarlet said, "Tomorrow is another day."

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I have so many days like that(today was one of them). I get so caught up in shopping for deals that I forget to plan dinner!

Thank you for linking to me, I appreciate it.



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